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We don't fool around here hell no we just solve problems jason jason what's going on man what's going on well i'm just going about that of in prominent well oh really yeah they're the guy from denton is correct there is a moral poll but the problem is every brand and the real issue in relation nobody follows the installation guide when they're putting those ovens in and what what are you i mean what did they do wrong well they in the cabinet big cut the whole find an bit but if you're not delay rita foley opposed to have so many inches on each side and on top in the bottom because the give them blowing is a is a cavity view getting through hot and it does them to clean up the hottest cycle there is if you have the proper gap being an air flow than you won't have that if you will thank you very real really thank you at that moment that stands to reason so if you do the proper capping an airflow you are saying it will not burnout the thermostat correct correct now world paul did come out with a kit because they were having only brian to stand a little bit but it doesn't matter g m in these double alvin ten immigrants an issue across the board thank you now and you didn't even know about a mark i didn't either i never thought about it no all right so it's really important when looking for floor simply floors can i love this guy com simply floors inc dot com that's inc like inc simply force inc dot com we get that website out because that's the only place you need to go to make appointments to get him to your home or you can find out about the show relocation and go there and they have all floors at forty two fifty percent off retail and i'm telling you it's not a hoax this thing is for real you.

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