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Place so I'm a vote voice vote is still going to have to answer the end of April J. J. said the music does what the ads are going to be like the hardest in the middle of the corona virus pandemic congresswoman's so and so congressman so and so senator so and so they voted no to help American voters now that's what it'll turn into one another why Republicans have been so angry they've been angry because of all of this this is what this fight has been about and this is what the Democrats have been fighting for and when you when you look at this you know there are there are good things in their paper paid cheque protection but at some point you know shouldn't be to just give people over the hump at some point and I make sure they can pay their mortgages there read the car payments and make sure they're gonna be able to keep their kids in college and I have kids in college and you know and they just can't do it the right way so we'll do it now is that there's a lot of things in here that are dealt monies that are appropriately used for workers small business big business health the health care system health care our front line workers health care providers those you know nurses and doctors they quit everything but but we've already been funny all of that the four trillion we're talking about that's basically for the fed that's basically loans separate and apart but this is a lot of money two trillion dollars and I've been predicting it's going to happen on it why are we talking about this instead of book of state of not talking about hydroxy Cork went and is it through my asset and whether or not that's working I'll tell you this but he's been fascinating it'll be on TV again tonight as Dr oz digging deep there is right now a trial test going on in this country a trial test of those two medicines because of the president's actions off label use and number one and number two compassionate use because there's so much anecdotal evidence out there now and I'm sure all of you have been hearing or watching we've had people on the show that it Hey this worked for me he's been having people on his show his doctors on the show today saying here we've been doing it with great success we should know probably by no later than early next week with the doses that have been given a pretty large numbers we should know sometime next week if this impact is working for those Americans that have corona virus that have contracted it worldwide now for under fifty eight nine hundred twenty seven twenty thousand eight hundred and six deaths worldwide and the U. S. sixty two thousand eighty six the firm having the virus eight hundred sixty nine deaths in this country unprecedented actions were rewriting the rules on everything as we move forward well first the travel ban that'll be standard going forward telemedicine that'll be standard going forward public private partnerships that'll be standard going forward drive up testing that'll be standard soon home testing that will be standard as quickly as possible we never gone to a vaccine trial as quickly as we have the one going on now just like we would you know everything here all the rules have been rewritten everyone of them and it will save lives not only now we can't even calculate how many how many lives were saved just based on the travel ban into quarantine alone you know getting rid of FDA regulations we would have waited off label use to treat those that contracted the virus well we wouldn't know anything about hydroxy chlorophyll and and as a throw my assertive and French study we have so much evidence that the Israelis giving us six million doses of this our pharmaceutical companies now ramping up production of this we now have Ford working to build ventilators and help three M. along with chia every pharmaceutical company all hands on deck every big box store Walmart target Walgreens CVS all on board lab quest I'm sorry quest diagnostics lab core all on board so many companies I can't even begin the name that's the best of America Washington pretty much the worst but what do you do when workers need this money we're gonna talk about this bill four years by time we know what's in this thing eight hundred and taking advantage of the situation for their own political benefits repulsive anyway taxes the one thing we have to deal with this time of year there is the delay thank goodness.

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