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So I didn't have a charger no makeup. No chain. Like nothing to get. There. Can I never stop telling this really good store? My boy was so good. He let me nap. You just wanted to read. I'm like like he didn't need me. Sometimes you get hard kid. Right. And they're like. Read a story to me. Yeah. So this is a good age though. Because it's like not too old to like, we they're going to get in like serious trouble. And not too young where you need to give them a snack every five keping like yours being so nice to me. Thank you so much. I'm so tired. And so he got you'll blanket and a glass of water, I know but. but. The fucking was gray. And then there were times where like we'd take breaks, and Chad or lead you. Yeah. Everlasting everyone, and then there'd be times where all the attention was on someone or we'd break up into twos. Or it was like one person that like it was really like ours sound like it flowed. Well, if load, so Al, but the one part, I did try to go down under this is before reading the book, and she was like see you've not been with women. Right. And she likes. Yeah. So that kinda sucks, but I did get a they were like, we can't believe this is your first group experience like you are gray. Like, you're like, the I think I was really in there because it is all the porn. I watched so was really fantasy coming to life. Yeah. And so I was like oh my God. I was like fun. And dude, I want gang bang to happen so bad, but I cannot imagine a situation in which I would I would be okay with every single guy. But man, if I could oh best birthday ever. Like, that's just sounds. So have you done a DP? No. I haven't I've really gotta get. I gotta get better at anal. I have tristen Jeremy knows guide. But have you spit roasted or anything sat like like one in the mouth one? And. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So one of the couch in the mouth, that's a place to start before the gang. Yeah. Those are good that was very fun. But I was silver wellm. But I was very young. When that happened. I was overwhelmed with the fact that was happening was with the guy Shane that. I was just I didn't let myself enjoy it as much. That's why like now that I like no more about sex, and I'm more of like a connoisseur of it. And I respect it more. I want know it's You know, more it's of. more of an interesting. So if you get it when you're a beginner Matvey too overwhelmed, you know, but now I want to go to sex parties in ship. Yeah. That's that's like a cool thing. Have you gone? No one's a friends. Yeah. I haven't you've gone go. Have you worn a caller, you mentioned collars, and I didn't hear Mary level college. Because I'm very I want someone to walk me threesomes crew size. We talk about that kind of a lot. But I was like this is the kind of stuff I need to get into collars. So. Yeah. Like, we have we got beds straps. Yes. Harnessing? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I love a leash collar said now walk or do you get what? No. I'm a bottom. Okay. Yes. Subway because that's the thing. I really can't. Yeah. I can't really get into you. Walk a guy on a Lee, not no not a guy would lose all respect for him. I would have to walk a girl, and we'd the guy would have to. I would have to be there with a guy, and we have to walk a girl. I can't look a guy. 'cause then I would never wanna fuck them. Again. I certainly don't wanna be well 'cause please. I was like I already thought about this. Yeah. It's weird. But then though, I would I look I love that kind of I would love to be in a caller like leaf situation with hot girl, that's in charge friend. But then I then I got nervous as a feminist. I was like I was just like why do I have this urge to not? I don't wanna fuck. This just wanted disrespect. We'll degrading someone can be sexual when both people are. But I think it's the porn category and public disgrace. Do you fuck women? I least well I like public born too. So I don't know..

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