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Restaurants when you're going even to nationwide booksellers there's Barnes and nobles, and New York, just like anywhere else if you already have Barnes and noble gift cards, your kids are going to have some fun. You're gonna have some fun buying books in New York, and it's not going to cost anything compared if you hadn't planned for that sort of thing, and now for the last two minutes, we gotta get to this listeners sent in their favorite Fergal destinations for vacation this year. And I love them. Number one in particular order Baloch Z, Mississippi. I've never been there. I wanna go. It's the home of our super talk, Mississippi stations. So when you think of gambling destinations were here near Atlantic City, we've got our Las Vegas listeners. They might come to mind, but Baloch Zee on the US Gulf coast has no less than two dozen casinos. If that's your thing, I'm not much into gambling because for me, it's like throwing money into the wind. I have no skill therefore, I don't play that much. However, if you do, and you're better than I am. And it's something that you have fun with knock yourself out. Bellizzi mississippi. Next up. I love these towns. Oklahoma City Oklahoma home of. Our listeners at KTEL are eight sixty nicknamed the big friendly because visitors find it hugely budget friendly, the history, the food, the landmarks, the Oklahoma state capitol people highly recommended all kinds of the national cowboy and western heritage museum, all kinds of free museums, beautiful stuff next up Branson, Missouri. Never heard of Branson will. How about the Titanic Branson has a museum built like a replica of the unsinkable ship air quotes, were you and your significant other can pose for once in a lifetime photos, if you got kind of guide that will pose for that, that sounds like fun, not tracking get Victor into that. But he loves his Titanic history. Maybe we can get him there for that. And we have time for we've got to do another show on this. We've got to do a show on this all these great places to go Daytona Florida fans of NASCAR. We have a lot of listeners were fans of NASCAR. They adore Daytona and say it doesn't break the Bank. Raleigh North Carolina. I have friends who go to Raleigh every single year from here in the Philadelphia area. They've got family down there. They rave. About it. There's so much to do free museums, all kinds of great food, wonderful people when they recommended I want to hear from him, and I want to get there. Someday myself ju so stay tuned. Dallas Fort Worth Texas. I have been to Dallas, some of the nicest people you've ever met in your entire life and authentic. Cattle drives big city attractions in the Dallas area, all kinds of history. That's the kind of thing I'm talking.

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