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And the future of two teams hinged on a coin flip that has come up failed. That coin flip gave the Milwaukee Bucks. The first pick in the NBA draft. And they signed the player they selected in April of nineteen sixty nine Liu L cinder, aka Kareem Abdul Jabbar jabbar's joining the bucks made the team instant contenders for championship. He was on his way to a great career six championships and the league's all-time leader in career points. But he credits much of a success to the players who got in the ball. If you look at the top five men in assists. Magic Johnson Oscar Robertson guy. Rodgers if it wasn't for them and me playing with them you can go and stand in visitin and wait for the guards best ball. I know a lot of centers out there debt. Never never happens. That's an April moment in sports history. I'm Jack schmierer. You're listening to ribbon. There's a new top team. Among the NCW women AP's tummy reports. Baylor held strong after losing a key player to knock off Notre Dame defeated defending champion Notre Dame eighty two to eighty one to win the NCAA division. One women's basketball championship khloe Jackson's mid-range jumper with five seconds left. Brokaw tied eighty to give the bears the win last year's championship. Hero fighting Irish guard Rica Ogun Walli had a game high thirty one points, but missed the first two free throws with one second left to seal the outcome. Notre Dame shot only twenty eight percent from the field in the first half. But roared back after Baylor forward. Lauren Cox went out with a knee injury late in the third quarter. Tom Aitken's Tampa. Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies could face fines or even bans in UK if they fail to block terrorist propaganda or images of child abuse. The UK unveiled on Monday plans to vastly increase government oversight of social media companies will the United States has launch Lee relied on market forces to regulate contents governments in Europe have signaled that willing to take on the tech companies to block harmful content and prevent extremists from using the internet to fan the flames of hatred Britain will consider imposing financial penalties which commit fines of up to full percent of a company's annual will would revenue in extreme cases. The government may also seek the power to find individual company directors prevent companies from operating in the UK homeland security shake-up, I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute. The head of the secret service is out that said to be unrelated though to the resignation of homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen along with several others in the. Department said to be on their way to our soccer megani report. Nielsen will be replaced temporarily by customs and border protection. Commissioner Kevin Macalinsan, meaning his job is open. And there's nobody officially in charge of immigration and customs enforcement after the White House abruptly withdrew the acting chief nomination last week. The US has deemed Iran's revolutionary guard a foreign terrorist organization hoping to increase international pressure relatives of a newly married. Minnesota man killed in the EP opium airlines crash are suing Boeing Boeing is responsible for decision making process and putting an unsafe plane on the marketing keeping it at their. If you drive an Acura MDX, you may get a recall notice next month. I'm Jacky Quin more news right after this. Thank you, Terry. This isn't working. Is it because I still be living with me mutter? Is it because mates be Scully wax? No. I like your friends is it. It's the pirate talk Terry.

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