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The costs two hundred and fifty dollars not even know lots. I looked up. I was so intrigued by these fucking bags looking on all day. Like i'm intrigue is no you say you think you came all-girl they got. They got the money to put your fucking backup. Okay what if. I buy my girl a birkin right now or any girl fucking no right. Now that's going to be. The highest thing may have in a life is higher than the car is higher in the house man. 'cause houses are what ten thousand fifty nine thousand purse put in. Desert is fourteen hundred or they dig into semi. They got here. I guess they can put some no. That ain't enough to put it in that bag back and the bag. Big snakes induces and the bag. He'll to man. Burke in my s man i remember some years ago a young lady. She almost had me outside and she asked me for sinead ninety. I was like okay. Look at chart. How much good day be. This is your bag. I dunno thousand. And i was thinking to myself i was thinking more. Like twenty five hundred. So let's just get the fuck outta here. Let's just go i don. I don't got kind of so you're not doing that. Noguchi bags you even think. I own gucci. I want a couple of bills by noguchi. How to bill has initially i remember. A police took dishes out two bills. That's about all i guy fucking so that ain't your thing you ain't enter. The body needs to do like that. Vices vices was more gambling. Shit like Don't really. I mean i got a few. You know what i'm saying. But i never really too much care for the hot super duper hyphen. I like to see all less cooler. My freshman cheap okay. So you so you can agree with like The thing that Ocho cinco say well he do to fake jury time. I'm not wearing a fucking surgery. Because he rich he he's just he just cheap. I know about hotels. You're a maniac. Listen i ain't gonna make a fool am ibm so you rich so i don't really know you. We know we know. Now listen. I seen somebody. I'm not gonna put them obama's because they're a they're they're legend in the city. Okay and i have seen them at a bar. And i was just looking like home. My homeboy wit me. This nigga chain costs twenty rex. He got three of them. One of them cost seventeen. One on cost twenty one. I'm cost like thirty. He got on three chains. His she is going crazy and stupid. You got a rolex. She going crazy and my may come up to like what's up shake. I am legit rapper..

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