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That's fine but you gotta remember ira that for two years after i was fired here at western michigan university university i was the assistant head coach at pittsburgh when he was the head coach so keep that in mind as i go through this story so where there might goes with me tonight is jack harbaugh the head football coach at western kentucky university tomorrow playing for the national championship against bic niece state university jack i don't think we've ever met before which i don't know where to go and i think to myself well mike i guess if you don't count the two years that i was year assistant head coach at the university of pittsburgh this is the first time that we met skip over the other part where you live down the street from me at our moms our sisters it's so much on the hell with it cousins or mas were sisters and and so we're off so i thought that was kind of a neat little touch and might did as always a great job the two thousand and two national championship team from western kentucky always great stories from there you heard brian louder before it here a great addition of hashtag jack talk and i now feel complete fake you're like i have risen to the next level of broadcasting and now i have to continue to strive to get the jt's level so i'm gonna keep on trying and i hope i did a good job filling in for jt today i know in the future you guys are still looking to reach out to and get hank aaron on the podcast is he's been obvious done a few different things at the program in the past mike trout brandon graham of course super bowl shaping as well we wanna thank podcast one truecar hymns and i want to thank jt rogan for allowing me to sit in his seat for the show today you can tweet questions or interviews.

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