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Toco, this is democracy now. Any woman. Here's the story. This is not an unusual or uncommon story that when they were younger some young boy some young man decided that they had the right to throw them down to try to take their clothes off. And. And I think that I hope that in this year of metoo that we've come far enough now to take this very very seriously today. Oscar winning filmmaker Michael Moore on Dr Christine Blasi pours allegations that supreme court Justice nominee Brett Cavanaugh attempted to rape her as a teenager. She wants the FBI to investigate her planes before she testifies to the Senate Moore's new film Fahrenheit eleven nine about President Trump and much more. It's out this week. We'll also discuss Kavanagh's nomination now up in the air with Reverend Dr William barber of the poor people's campaign. That win the courts have been wrong in this country. And they've been minute. That his turned us backwards rather than fault. In the light of this. There must be a moral fight to keep the supreme court wherever and Barbara will join us from North Carolina where President Trump heads today to survey massive flood damage from hurricane Florence Barbara says and hurricane wind and waves the poor for most then the Trump administration slashes the refugee admissions cap to a historic low of thirty thousand refugees per year, improved refugee policy of this administration serves the national interest of the United States and expanded our ability to help those in need all around the world. We will continue is the world's most vulnerable will never lose. Inside of our first duty serving the American people. Amnesty International says, the new refugee calf means more people fleeing violence, religious, persecution and armed conflict could die all that. And more coming up. Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org. The warrant piece report,.

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