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That winning pedigree from his time with the New England Patriots and he's the guy isn't he the guy who who delivered the dagger to Tom Brady's career into a sixteenth our carpet last pass yeah he caught the last pass that last pass from Brady obviously you know and Mike how sharp would you be not very if you saw him sign with the patriots two years nine million I mean at the E. one of the reasons why the patriots handle free agency in these weird trains like the Kyle van Noy issue trade where you're basically trading you know a fifth round pick for Kyle van Noy in a seventh or whatever that was you know that's where the patriots really make Hey and they turn these guys into really good players how thankful by the way musk Kyle van Noy B. to the New England Patriots and a bill ballot check into Brian Flores quite honestly for putting him in position to be a great player Mike I voted Kyle van Noy is one of my all pro linebackers last year and now he gets whatever fifty six million dollar contract with Miami and all I'm saying is that I want to know on bill Belichick's grease board right now in his office or right now in his home office which is where it has to be I want to know on his grease board I want his ten guys right now that he is waiting for the market tech caving in on and it which is in its in the process of doing and then he's gonna swoop in like a vulture and he's going to take a low cost guys let's say the week of the week after the draft maybe even a quarterback who's to an old all time against New England Patriots at would be cam Newton and that is the corner square and PFT bingo that's one of my favorite favorite stats to point out and I don't think the cam Newton fits in New England but that that's the kind of idea the longer this process goes the financial demands drop guys become available and Bella check swoops in and bargain shopping gets value dollar for dollar better value than anyone gets in free agency all right we're gonna take a break we're turn anybody who pays attention to the NFL new the Todd Gurley was gonna get cut by the rams one person didn't see it coming you'll be surprised to find out who that was we'll tell you who it was right after this something be your nose hubs so congested use the Vic side X. Basil spray starts working in seconds and lasts for up to twelve hours if you can bring a whole new nose.

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