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Oh, yeah, I went there all day all day. All right. I'll take a look at her so much tomorrow baseball game. See if we can make people some money, because that's ideally that's what we're here for. It's funny because from the beginning of baseball season until the beginning of July, I was I was having a great year. I'm a 67 68% and I'm winning frequently since the All Star game. Nothing. I've had a couple two out of three on a round robins Today I took a flyer on Chris Flexing over and under 4.5 strike as I took the ovary struck out five so on, you know, plus 1 15, So I had it great, but it has just been a horrible second half. I don't know what has changed or why it has gotten so bad. I've I vowed. I am not make another bet until football season. I'm done with baseball. I can't. They said you were like, Okay. You should win. Yeah, I mean, and if you do it, and the response I got was because you never know about a bullpen in bed First five. And I can't. I can't bet first five. I just can't do it. Just like bet in first half of the game. I know I can't. All right, so we'll take a look at this exercise. We're going to act like you are still betting. Okay, So let's do this. All right, Uh, Phillies and the nationals. Zack Wheeler, Patrick Corbin Fillies, Obviously, in a position still trying to make the playoffs and basically and this is what thinks about the National League is your other winning your vision or your out of the playoffs in the West. So they there are a few games back. I think therefore games back of the mess right now. Maybe they they won. The Mets lost maybe three. Zack Wheeler and Corbyn the Phillies ar minus 1 61 with an over under 7.5. I'm a role to Phillies. I'm I'm with you here. Patrick Corbin has I want to say who has been a bust because they, but they signed him to a huge contract in the first year they won a championship, so I guess it was worth it. But he has not look good since he has not lived up to his contract. Uh, Mets and Marlins tomorrow. Mets are throwing Tyronne Walker. The Marlins are undecided. We're gonna leave that alone. Pirates and brewers. It's Max Chronic and Adrian Hauser, Adrian Houses or minus 2 20. I think I got to stay away from this game is too much to 20. Yeah, I'm not betting the run line with liberation. Don't trust that offense. Yeah, the two twenties too much. Here's a very interesting game. Braves and Cardinals. Both teams are on the cusp of either being completely out of it or in it. Max freed for the Braves, who is not been as good as he was last year, and Jon Lester, who the Cardinals picked up from the Nationals. Freed is a minus 1 23 in ST Louis. Oh, See if you said he's a minus 1 20 at home. I was jumped all over it. And the Cardinals are one of those teams and Jon Lester is a perfect fit for the Cardinals. Because they're one of those teams they can either stink up the joint looks fantastic. And Jon Lester is that guy? I was just gonna say that you can sure he can throw seven innings of shutout baseball. You're not surprised you can get hammered in a second. You're like, Oh, Jon Lester. I was just gonna say you just don't know. Drink it with Jon Lester. He come out. Perfect game look great. First inning give up 15 runs because they're a dog and they're at home. I'm going to take a shot on ST Louis because they still have good players. You're not. I'm not betting on a bad team here because you still have Paul Goldman, you still have No. One. Erin Otto and Dylan Carlson, who is coming into his own in Harrison Bader is a good lineup. You can get them as a dog, and they're at home. So I'm gonna take the Cardinals at home tomorrow. I'm gonna roll the Cardinals. Uh, Game. I don't even know if you can bet Cubs and Rockies in Colorado Rockies reminds 1 41, Zach Davies and Kyle Freeland and I just I'm staying away from that because you don't even know who's playing. Yeah, I mean, you probably even if you even if you can read the name you don't know who's playing. You don't know who these guys are. Giants again at Arizona. Here's the interesting part Giants are only a minus 1 56, Johnny Cueto. Mass and Bumgardner going against the Giants. I'm going to take. I'm gonna go run line on the Giants really see, I'm thinking gone mad by in the hallway. Ever since that last World Series run. He hasn't been very good, No, but I think there is something there. Not that he has any insight on the Giants because the team has changed a lot in two years in city because you know LaMonte Wade was never was not there and rest. Weight was not the the M V. P International League and he was pitching there. But I think that there is some Hard feeling Madison. Bob Gardner has towards a giant. I think he would like nothing more than to beat them, and he has this year, a couple of times stepped up. He threw out They didn't call her no hitter cause there's only seven things because it's part of a double header. But he threw a no hitter part of history because it was him. And I think it was Minka Kelly. They had. They pitched a doubleheader. One of them threw a one hitter. He threw a no hitter. One hit until two double header in a doubleheader is the smallest future rounds of hidden doubled in major league history. That's pretty good, but I'm gonna go with the Giants run line. I think I'm gonna have to disagree with you. I will take the Diamondbacks. I would imagine Giants are lines probably plus money. Today. They were a minus one on their online even but I think they've got to be about a plus. 1 10 there, minus 1 56 regular Yeah. So the part probably plus 1 10 or somewhere close. I will take Arizona Plus the probably 1 25 1 30. They'll be tomorrow. The American League, Baltimore, New York. Alexander Wells and Nestor Cortez, both lefties because Nestor now in for Garrett Cole, who was supposed to be the pitching, I can't believe this is the line of this is the line. You have to jump on and take the Orioles right now. But I think this is still the line from Gary Cole. Because it has the Yankees at minus 3 23. Yeah, that's still on from Gerrit Cole. And that'll that'll that'll be avoided. If you take that right now. Oh, my God. Now, But even if it goes down to minus 1 75, which is we're probably where you're looking at. Maybe 1 60. Can you take the Yankees at all? Would I take them and they got beat today 7 to 1 by these same Orioles And you know how that works. You win big Next day, you lose that has been worried because the Dodgers won 13 to nothing in their last game is not the same team. That's true, Uh, Cleveland and Toronto back at it again tomorrow in Toronto, playing at SkyDome, which is nice. Finally. Zach, please sack and 100 review We use a minus 1 95. I'm going to take the run line on the Blue Jays after today and they're lost they this This blue Jay team is too good to be playing as badly as they have been playing lately and they've had they've had a little stretch where they just can't get their own way. Yeah, I mean, and they've got everybody healthy except for I think Kevin Biggio is still out. But you know, George Springer is now in there every single day in playing Lourdes Gourriel is playing..

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