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Walls to strikes account to austin jackson doll did second nobody out here's the pitch it is hit on the ground a short belt's gonna break for third hernandez has the ball they'll throw the third and belt is tagged out now that hurts dell took a risk it was hit to shortstop and he broke for third base hernandez made the play cleanly for outnumber one ball it is hit to your left it's always pretty good shot that you're gonna make it because the shortstop is usually not going to try to make the throat but you gotta give kiki hernandez credit he made a nice play but after he took his lead secondary lead the ball was hit to his left not by much but it was that sort of the general rule of thumb but he is out in austin jackson is the base runner at first base fielder's choice crawford who has hit a home run in this game showing some signs the last couple of days of swinging the bat a little bit better they'll pay attention to austin jackson at first base over there jackson back standing well according to our notes zinn granny script tonight to brennan crawford ofr eleven and do it is time and other throw to first jackson back taxes got a short lead and does not look like he's going anywhere no because in roddy seems to have impressed everybody with his mood cannot get thrown out down to the guy who does have power and can run into one he already has in this game the pitch curveball inside ball one right handed hitting gore teaser anandas is on deck crawford's home run came against review in the second inning he gave the giants to nothing lead.

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