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Side loose ball. Little sliding to the deck able to save it to Kobe white Xundu shake it up as he goes back to play defense and each team had an opportunity at a big alleyoop dunk it neither could convert Miami's zone. Cam Johnson pass looked like he was kicked but stays in play. Both teams just jumping on the floor as the ball was being pinball all around and then Mercifully a whistle as these hoodoo called for the foul for banging into Little's back. I mean Robinson was on the deck. White was down there. A couple players for Miami. Wartenberg one of them on the floor and eventually zoo picks up the personal as just a messy couple of seconds here on both sides and the officials call for a mob. But nobody's there to actually do it. And now. A gentleman has picked up a mop. And we're to try to help things out here on the floor. I assume he works here. Fifty eight fifty two Carolina by six with ten fifty three to play the five four for Carolina white. Robinson johnson. Little and garrison Brooks. Fifteen on the shot clock for the heels. They're up by six Cam Johnson. Boy, long rainmaking three. Yes, sir. Left-wing oil boy. And just when I was getting ready to say the zone has been so open inside for little to catch the ball in the interior be able to go to some more get some offensive glass. But for Cam Johnson just say, well, I'll just go way outside zone wherever it is Johnson on the hard drive kicks it corner to Wartburg and a hand. Check foul on little his fourth for all the contact. That is occurred in this game little has picked up two fouls by just the slightest touch closing in on war Wartenberg both times little he's had a good game. We'll have to sit with his fourth foul may reenters. Ten twenty three to go. It's just a reaction. He just he just puts his hand out in front of him. Almost like you're trying to stop. Yourself for Mirna into something. And it's just it's a reaction to tape them behind his back on defense long pass into the back court delights tar heels with their largest lead of nine still ten eighteen to go likes going to take one from the orange part of the Hugh any knocked it in. Came up at twenty four feet saw the high screen saw Carolina was played it and said, I don't like that. I'm just gonna shoot it. Brandon Robinson got caught in the air tried to dump it. Download of may. And then a foul is called Miami crowd. Doesn't like it as had the whistle blowing against Lawrence for his third foul that would have been turnover in a fastbreak for the canes. Instead Carolina will inbound with Tinto three to play the lead back down to six after that incredibly long three by likes his four three of the day now has eighteen points. Toby white against the Miami zone. Back between the circles with the past the Johnson now right wing, don't go right corner. To Robinson bounces in the middle. Brooks can't finish through contact tips. The rebound though to Cam Johnson Johnson will back out to the corner needs some help passes out the sideline all the way to the time line to Kobe white reset over to Roberts of right corner. With the pass to maye pump fake on the three crosses the court to Johnson catch and shoot triple off the back. Iron rebound, Miami Johnson Hillhead the other way quickly stripped from behind by Brandon Robinson, end he's called for a foul. As he knocked it loose. First foul on Robinson's second jacket third on the tar heels. And this one will result in free throws Johnson. Good hustle by Robinson. He was kind of a long globally behind the play. Any busted it down which is good at and he's long and. When they're in swung at it and got some Johnson and some of the ball free. Throw goodbye Johnson. He's now four or five at the line leaky black and Kenny Williams inter Robinson and white exit for Carolina. So you've got a lack I assumed to run the point guard spot Williams Johnson may and Brooks says the five on the floor for Carolina where he'd love to see leaky black get some extended time if he if he can continue to do good things on the court, especially against likes. He's got such a distinct size advantage guard him pretty well, given himself some a little bit of padding on the defensive side not to get blown by second free throws. No, good Carolina working against his own on the other side, black top left. Save brooks. Download of maye pump fake got Lawrence in the air. Luke finishes through contact off the glass, you could see Lawrence when he went up for that pump fake. He almost just recoiled back home. Hoping that he wasn't going to be called for a foul as a quick whistle. Timeout is called by Chris likes in front of the Miami bit. Good move good positioning. Good offense by Carolina's back to a seven point lead. Eric for the tar heels at sixty three fifty six with eight fifty eight to go so quick turnaround for the tar heels they played Monday night against Virginia Tech. And then they're off until January twenty ninth after that. So the Monday game counts as your mid week game. Then the tar heels by portion if you will see action is next weekend. So they don't play again until the next Tuesday on the road in Atlanta against Georgia Tech. So a flurry of games here with the game on Tuesday Notre Dame today here in Miami. With the hills up sixty three fifty six then the Monday contest, but then more than a week to reset after that tar heels come into this game thirteen four overall three and one in ACC. Action. Carolina breaks the huddle with black Williams. Johnson bay and Brooks tar heels up seven sixty three fifty six largest lead has been nine. What has been a close game? A large majority of this one between the hurricanes and the tar heels. Imbalanced goes back court to likes. It will be leaky black trying to garner. Carolina switches, the screen those how Johnson guarding likes likes. We'll try the just almost jump back three. No, good rebound to Kenny Williams long. Put your head to Cam Johnson caught at deep on the baseline. He'll circle back out. Good decision by the graduate transfer. Dumps it to may on the baseline. And in offense foul called on may as he ran into Wartburg, Bert Smith and Jeffrey Anderson just stared at each other for a second. Neither one knew quite. Which one should make the call and eventually Anderson gave may his fourth personal foul. So he'll have to leave little and may each with four Carolina brings in Brandon Robinson to replace it. It's been a bit of a hodgepodge from a foul standpoint for both sides. I mean, it's just been some. Interesting. Regime and go both ways. Johnson body was going to do the floater on the drive. Instead, he dumped it for the little lobby zoo for the dump sixty three fifty eight. Carolina up five and Kenny Williams had the ball knocked out amounts. We were blocked by Sebastian the ibis Miami's mascot who was for some reason right next to us. And with eight eleven to go in the ballgame. Carolina will inbound Robinson gets it right wing to black hill circle to the center jump circle quickly over to Cam Johnson on the left penetrate pitch out to Robinson nothing. Their heels reset black to Cam Johnson. Deep left wing. Dribbles to the top passes over the black shot clock. It low it's down to eight black tried to go off the backboard and hit the side of it. No good. Well that they miss right now. Nobody's inside to get the basketball. Quick pushing a whistle likes has been fouled out on the court. So it'll be a dead ball. But Carolina could not get inside the three point line. And you look at maybe a reason why. Well, you got no little and no may and know Brooks tar heel fouls on leaky black his I fifth on the tar heels. This asked seven forty seven to go. Miami will be inbounding with Carolina up five sixty three fifty eight. Those fouls. Little and may the only to her in trouble for the tar heels for their big with four apiece. Learfield. UNC fans when.

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