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What is up. It's your host Elliott and horn. Welcome back to the talk house. Podcast we have an episode that I have been very excited to share with you guys since I I heard it was coming together. Comedian Joe Para in conversation with singer. Songwriter David Beeson to help me set up. Today's show joining me from the windy city. The birthday boy. That's me Josh. Modell birthday boy. Everybody's got one. Hey Welcome to seventy men thank you. It feels good to be here. I feel right about seventy Tortola Josh. How has this week in quarantine been for you man? I'm just going to say it's been okay. I've got its ups and downs but I'm making it and I hope everybody else's do you know what a bright spot in this week in quarantine was telling me listening to this episode. I have to say it really was for me to and also you. Josh turned me onto Joe Perez. Show and I have been just binging. Not only the show but anything I can find with him. I'm I'm obsessed the guy's amazing He's awesome and he's the tonic that we need for these troubled times. He's a bomb. Yes a Sav Josh. How exactly did this show come together? Men One that came together in a very helpful way and that I got an email from designs manager. Who said I'm a huge fan Dave's a huge fan? What do you think about Dave talking to Joe Para and as a huge fan of both of those guys Dave and Jo? I said Great. I had no idea though weather. Joe Pero was a fan of day or even whether or not he knew that Dave is on existed. So I just kinda cold send an email to Joe Para and said. Hey Dave designs a fan of your's we'd love to have you both on the talk podcast and Lo and behold. Email me back Couple of weeks later and he said Oh. I'm really sorry I was on vacation but I'd love to do it. So that's very joe para thing to actually check email for two weeks while on vacation and then to apologize when you're saying yes to something totally. I love it. I love it. Well Dave of course has been on the show before we recorded a wonderful episode with he and Tom Berlin conversation last year. But I'm so glad that he has brought Joe Para to the Talk House for those of you who may be aren't fully tapped into Joe's comedy yet. He's the host of the brilliant. Joe Para talks with you on adult swim season to his out now and on the show. He plays his grandfatherly. Almost like Fred Rogers. Ask Middle School Choir teacher in the up Michigan's upper peninsula and The show is really sort of an appreciation. With maybe a bit of self-aware send up of wholesome mid Western living. Would you? Would you say that's an accurate description? Josh Yeah definitely and it's this sort of very very rare comedy especially for our generation that is pure and nice and also incredibly funny. Yeah Yeah exactly. He somehow manages to toe that line so brilliantly. Stephen Colbert really summed it up when he said about Joe. Show one of the funniest and most beautiful things. I've seen in a long time. I really liked that. The shows sort of sweetly examines. Things like the perfect breakfast crew. The magic of a trip to the grocery store and the geology importantly of Northern Michigan. I am obsessed. This is in some ways more of a show about nothing than Seinfeld but it leaves you feeling so good definitely and Josh. I just have to shout out Joe Perez instagram which currently features a new picture of tomato each day. And I'm sure he sincerely loves every tomato that he puts on there. Yeah there's just this beautiful sincerity to everything he touches. I think the same could be said about DEBA zone. And which I guess means this was a good pairing right bas on his best known probably for his band. Pedro the lion which he has led and been the sole creative force in for over twenty years. He's also released music as overseas and headphones. Yeah that's with fleet. Foxes Nick Peterson Right. Yeah but he sort of brought pager line back to full force in two thousand seventeen. The latest Pedro the Lion Album Phoenix came out in January of last year. If you WANNA see Dave during quarantine he's been on twitch performing concerts talking to people as he does so much in a live setting and you can go to David Bizarre Dot Com and you can find past performances and when he's going to be doing it in the future. Dave has publicly struggled with religion over the years. Pedro the lion has at times been called the Christian band but at other times. He's publicly doubted his faith. And you know I think that's a little bit of context for Few things that come up in today's conversation. I WanNa take a moment. Josh to play a fantastic track from Pedro's last record Phoenix. Let's roll quietest.

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