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The mainstream yet. Nothing nothing until further notice until we can trust them again. when will that be. I don't know but we'll all know it when that moment comes won't be everything you are told on the main in the mainstream. You're being allowed to beat. You're being allowed to see your being allowed to hear. You are discovering nothing when you're watching cnn it's all meant to scare you. It's all meant to train you to be obedient like i told you last week. Nothing you do will hurt them more than simply turning them off. You know I mentioned to you in the closing minutes. Last week The death of officer. Brian sick nick. Capital police officer Veteran of the new jersey national guard he had been a capitol hill police officer for twelve years. He died on january seventh a day after the violence at the capitol building in washington. The mainstream media. This is how you know you're being fed. Lies is when every presenter on every newscast on every channel starts repeating ever wonder why it sounds like they're reading from the same piece of paper it's because they are globalist sent out send out the memo and everybody reads from it like obedient girls and boys. The mainstream media quickly runs with mair narrative. Sick nick was beaten over the head with they fire extinguisher by angry trump supporters. Right in the right after he died. Oh the brian sick. Nick succumbed from injuries. He was beaten over the head with a fire extinguisher but there was no video and there was no i account the new york. Times comes out. The following day and says pro-trump rioters attacked that citadel of democracy. There were talking about. The capitol building overpowered mr sick nick and struck him in the head with a fire extinguisher. According to to law enforcement officials this is what the times prince on january eighth with a bloody gash. it continues in his head. Mr sick nick was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support. He died thursday evening. Well it's since been revealed. There was no blunt force trauma to brian's head. There was no fire extinguisher blow. There was no bloody gash. He was never rushed to the hospital. In fact brian sick. Nick texts his brother on the night of january. Sixth the night of the quote unquote insurrection. Says i was. Pepper sprayed twice during the unrest. But overall i'm in the next afternoon. The sickness family begins receiving phone calls from journalists from reporters. Not from any official source. Not the department of justice not the fbi not the capitol police no one from journalists and the journalists are looking for reaction to the fact that brian passed away now. The sickness family hadn't received any word that brian was dead and so confused there. It's so confusing. The the capitol police forced to release a statement calling reports of sickness death inaccurate. No officers have passed away. The steamer reads the sickness family rushes to the hospital to try and get clarity on brian's condition when they arrive they discover that sickness had just died so we don't know if the media knew beforehand that something was going to happen we don't know if sickening died but no one told anybody except the media sometime between texting his brother ken on wednesday night and telling me was in good shape and the next late afternoon the next. Brian apparently suffers a stroke yet. No evidence or confirmation of this as the official cause of death has been made. No autopsy has autopsy. Results have been released acting attorney. General jeffrey rosen. Says the department of justice will spare no resources in investigating and holding accountable. Those responsible here. We are five weeks later. No additional information regarding brian's death has been released last friday one day before trump is acquitted in the second impeachment sham. But you know after it becomes clear. The democrats don't have the votes to convict the times quietly updates their story and they retract the claim additionally they state that the the law enforcement officials unquote cited as the sources of the original story. They're not law enforcement officials at all. They're only officials close to the capitol. Police what the heck does that mean. Your guess is as good as mine but of course the whole point of that. The whole point of saying he was being over the head with a capri Fire extinguisher is to frighten you as skip all my gut. They're coming from me next. That's what they want you to take away from that story. If this trump guy is not thrown out of office on his behind he and his crazy cultist followers. They're all gonna come to my house and they're gonna beat me over the head with a fire extinguisher or whatever else they can get their hands on. What's more confusing by. The ways that brian's remains are cremated. No one knows how or when that order was given or by home but his remains are cremated. Biden comes out the day. Trump is a it'd and he keeps going with the narrative he says it was nearly two weeks ago. That jill knight. This is after everyone knows that sick knicks that the new york times story is false. Biden comes out and says it was nearly two weeks ago that jilin i paid our respects to capitol police officer brian sick nick who laid in honor in the rotunda after losing his life protecting the capital from riotous from a riotous violent mob on january six. That's not what happened and yet here is. Joe biden releasing that in a statement noma Melissa the rosa Secretary in just like the top aide like the right hand woman. To new york's governor andrew cuomo president cuomo ryan as we as he was nicknamed for guiding us through the cova crisis. Oh so efficiently. Last year she comes out this week and she confesses that the cuomo administration has under reported the state nursing home deaths due to covid by nearly half. That's not even the worst part. The worst part of that the under counting was politically motivated. It was deliberate. The action was taken the rose. Assess this in a conference call with fellow democratic officials in the state. She says it was done to hide evidence from the. Us justice department began investigating the state's handling of the nursing home deaths because donald trump last spring late spring early summer basically started blaming disastrous democratic policies. For the crisis. He was right and they couldn't allow him to be right. And so derosa she comes out and she says you know trump starts tweeting that were killing everybody in nursing homes and he goes after new jersey governor phil murphy he goes after california governor gavin newsom who's being recalled by the way he goes after michigan's gretchen whitmer. A whitmer any tells the department of justice to start doing an investigation and we basically froze. She says because we were in a position where we weren't sure if whatever we said was going to be used against us by the department of justice she actually says this in a call. Now the interesting part. Is that the cuomo administration has yet to issue any public apology for this. They have yet to apologize to the families of the victims of the people who died because of this disastrous policy. You know who she was apologizing to. She was apologizing to fellow democrats. Who had to deal with this issue. In.

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