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Adwan harrison for the first time this evening he misses the from you'll want to one rebound winston gashes across the timelines on the side british drives a baseline hicks award down louise triple team fires nobody's file great job by ward being strong again with that basketball harrison could do there was followed while for harrison the 6'8 senior these picked up his third foul and knee will sit down and coming in a gathering anthony radically wednesday information instead is nick ward lefty takes aim fires entered is nothing but nick ward a seventy three per three from those stripe he's made both of his shots from the field latin american vat he's got six rebounds as tops in this game he's our leading rebounded working on a double double might get it before the half shots way on as his first most of the night obote wait wait wait with a lane violation we got to do over now we don't miss free throws i wish gov have do over that'd be great ward one more shot zap animus that winter so he goes one purdue but he's having a heck of an identity in front of you tomato they would have been cleveland say could handle the rebound and it goes out on cleveland state gets a bag were thirty on the shacklock into thirteen left between now and i have done miles bridging foot i'm getting that loyd you never heard of a mulligan button no uh i i've heard a multiple long it is not a ruled out that will surely way have exerted bad nick ward gets the inbound pass down low puts it up an answer against whom along its tumour yes nine comes cleveland stay travelling 5329 threeball fired our front by kannik no rebound ward nadda cash just once in a garage the time was one forty seven left between now and a half time and download we gotta was kinship and german jacks get tied up at kinship skeptical their found that's his first eight pickens cleveland's jose 101 now for jackson gary jackson's already double digits be a second free throw attempt of this game is one for one year is a shot he's now to pretoria will get the bonus he has eleven man start from michigan state well they have no they really have and that's been the.

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