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The intelligence of everyone involved. I don't care how the format works. I don't care if it's attached the Bulls The inevitable outcome for college football is either is either Haven't expanded playoff Or the blinking light of so many people who just don't care is going to grow. And this notion that you're inevitably going to dominate pop culture sports culture be relevant is wrong. Trump. You're never going to hear because you know what? Baseball writers never gonna tell you the baseballs in trouble Because then they're in trouble. You know, college football writers? Never gonna tell you college was in trouble because then they're in trouble. They're not Dodgeball is fine right now. Baseball was fine in 1980. Things change quickly, especially right now. Get more teams in the mix. All right, 855 to 1 to four CBS and the phone number we're gonna do best of and just sort of favorite moment in 2020. We're gonna Coulson Joy from a rough year just after we get this CBS Sports Radio update from Seth Cantor. All right, Bill. Thank you very much. Just hours from college Football's national semifinals, which started four Eastern with the Rose Bowl in Arlington, Texas, featuring top ranked Alabama at number four Notre Dame. The game was moved from Pasadena for the first time since World War Tomb California, rejecting request to allow limited attendance as far as what the Irish need to do against the 11. It'll tide coach Brian Kelly called Notre Dame's rushing attack. Crucially, only a couple of teams that have been able to run the football against Alabama and those of the teams that have been You know in the game, you know, Georgia and wholeness in particular, you know, had some success running the football and and and those of the games that really were. Contested if you will, at eight Eastern, it's the Sugar Bowl number two Clemson battles. Third ranked Ohio State Dambrot. Sweeney's Tigers returned to New Orleans where they wants to ls you in last year's national championship? Get their Clemson beat the Buckeyes 29 23 in the Fiesta Bowl, one of the many story lines of battle of highly regarded quarterbacks tigers Heisman candidate Trevor Laurence, downplaying the matchup against Justin Fields. We've kind of matched up, I guess for years is to know about the high school. I haven't really seen it is that I'm not like how here just competing against Justin. I mean, we're friends. We gotta get relationship, but that's kind of how people like to pin it as me me against him. Beach Ball, noting Stern eighth, Frank, Cincinnati at night and Old Battles Number nine, Georgia one Eastern. The Citrus Bowl has number 14, Northwestern and all Burn Mississippi State gets by number 24 Tulsa, 28 26 in the Armed Forces Bowl, There was a nasty postgame brawl between the Bulldogs and Golden Hurricane Ball State cruises by number 20 to San Jose State 34 13 to win the Arizona ball. West Virginia tops Army 24 21 of the Liberty Bowl the final week of the NFL regular season kicking in almost 48 hours, the Bears control their own destiny. They'll make the playoffs by beating the 12 and three Packers at home. Certainly no easy task. Chicago can still get in with the loss. They need the ramps to beat the Cardinals at eight and seven. Mitch for Biscuit and the Bears peaking at the right time, winning three straight. I think that the difference has been our spirit just are our mindset, our energy at practice. Um, our desire to wanna get better in practice and then have it come to life and execute on Game day, So it's really the little things just the willingness to do do the small task in between the work week. Bad news for Green Bay offensive lineman David Bachtiar. He reportedly suffered a season ending knee injury and practice. It's believed to be a tornado CL Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Testing positive for Corona virus won't be on the depth chart against the bills. No other Miami players were identified his high risk close contacts, including to a Tonga via Loa. The Dolphins can clinch their first playoff berths in 16 with a what a Buffalo who nailed down the NFC East Washington can clinch their first NFC East crown since 2015 with a broad one against the Eagles. QB Alex Smith took first team reps. An individual and team drills after missing two starts with a calf injury. Brands with no new reported positives. This morning. Cleveland had their facility shut separately on Wednesday and Thursday because of the virus dens awarded Malcolm Smith placed on the covert 19 list. Positive news yesterday. Jarvis Landry and the three of the receivers who are out last week exposed contacts her back. The Ravens Give corner Jimmy Smith of one year extension for 2021. The deal reportedly worth up to $5 Million and being last night. James Harden lead with 33 John John Wall 22 points in his first game in two years because of injury. Rockets hold off the King's 1 22 1 19 wolf, thrilled to play alongside Harden come out here fighting. You know my job's your jammies, much as possible. Make alot easier upon, you know, we need a buck and get the crunch time situation. You know he's capable Raptor get their first win cruise by the Knicks. 183, New York 8% from 33 of 36. Six years blow out the magic 1 16 92 Pacers easily over the camp's 1 1999 pelicans bounced the thunder 1 13 80 bulls Hold off the Wizards won 33 1 30 sons topped the jazz one of 6 95 College basketball number six. Wisconsin over number 21, Minnesota. 71 59 number. 16 Michigan beats Maryland 84 73. Number 21. Oregon handles Count 80 to 69. New Padres starter Yu Darvish, caught off guard by his trade from the Cubs because of Chicago's financial resource is as well as their recent winning history. MLB network's Jon Heyman reports. Hasaan Kim's Padres deal. Four years $28 million with incentives that could make the contract 32 million came a highly regarded infielder from the Kubo and Bianca Smith becomes the first black female coach and professional baseball reportedly joining the Red Sox might early staff. I'm Seth Cantor, Bill back to you. Sad. Thank you, buddy. Happy New Year That Bachtiar E News is just I meant to bring it up his brutal for the Packers. Brutal and Mitchell Robiskie.

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