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Dave scofield. The steelers can work this out. They can give. Teacher watt of forty five million dollar signing bonus and not affect the counties here. So like the the. That's what it comes down to. They give tj watt sixty five million dollars in a signing bonus which is just ridiculous the steelers would never do and if they did. It'd be dumbfounded if they put a bonus in like that. But that's when it would start to affect this year salary cap so i just really. I think it will get done much. Like cam. hayward's did closer to the eleventh hour. I think he's just set up pretty easily like all the nickel and diming at this point is gonna come down guarantees Whether or not the steelers will give it to someone. Who's a non quarterback and term like to me. I feel this contract would be pretty easy. Number wise probably comes down five hundred fifty million dollars thirty million per and then just the way they structure it. And that's probably that's probably what they're debating right now and trying to figure out to stack the money to make it make the most amount of sense for both parties so i think that's the way it will go down but looking at the at the clock. We are at the top of the hour here. Jeffrey before we sign out. Is there anything you'd like to plug for. The people know how. I'm gonna go on vacation next week and nfl game pass right. Now is an absolute hot mess of my access to footage to do. Film rooms is not even feign. Like it's it's completely trashed and they're saying it could be months. I don't know there's rumors everywhere so Just just just Just hope that that works out. Well 'cause on film and can't really do films so we can always have you on on the podcast. Good good thing. You're starting podcast on film rooms as well to that just worked just as well. I just read controversial articles. Like tony over. Just gonna burn the internet down. That's okay we've done all. We can do it again more than mary right. Absolutely as for me. I mentioned it earlier in the show. I'll have an article on pat firm youth and how it's pretty exciting to have a tight end with his skillset coming in iraq. I feel like you could do a podcast. Just on the steelers lack of ever having an a one tight end. Heath miller was the best one in franchise history. I think the steelers didn't use them enough. Then you look back. The history of this team almost one hundred years now there titan history is not that good. Pat has the skills and he. He's be showing that he can be a guy and camp. Maybe they finally have something so check that out tomorrow. Aside from that make sure. You're checking out the entire. Bts's family podcasts including hartman's left. Let's ride my live. Mike in dave scofield stack which runs in the. Am on your podcast. Only platform side being. What your spotify your apple. Podcasts what have you where you get your podcast from and we have some new shows coming as well there was a state of. Bts's article that dropped him the website that breaks down all the shows. So make sure you click over that to get all the details at all. New hosts all the new shows. There's a ton of stuff coming to the podcast. Only sides checking that out because really. If you're watching these shows we know how much you love the pittsburgh steelers so you're getting even more content there so make sure you check that out aside from that. I hope all of you have a marvelous evening..

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