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Yeah. Not even better. Benny hana's a big we want a combination of Benny hana's and the cheesecake back. Yeah. Were they were they make way too much food in front of you. And then the ship just stands there and just shakes. Like, you're you're gonna waste all that. Aren't you just shakes? Yeah. I just wanna eat too much. And I want to be the person whether like do you want the extra portion of fried rice? And you're like, oh, sure. I don't wanna away like you. Look like you can like you need food. I mean, you're a model. Yes. Yes. I know I need mono. Yes. Day q. You're so fun. You're so thank you. Guys are bus. Yeah. I love him so much. We'll scream about them for a long long time. I feel like I need to ask you guys questions. You wanna ask us some questions? What are you playing right now? Oh god. We're going to go home and play GTA after we stream GT GT and center is the worst fucking game to play online with strangers and just in general just a horrible game. Yeah. But if you play online with just your friends, the most is the most fun. Yeah. Ever have with the game. Because he just customize each other. You make yourself look stupid and ridiculous things. And we stream it. So like our fans, listen the show watch it, and that is making comments, and we just they just watch us play. So it's like a more just more Nick community as some of our fans already know, I've created a character that is the female, Fred Armageddon. Name is Fred Armagh sin. So. Oh my God. That's fucking cool. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Fine. I guess I'll get into online. We'll say thirteenth is gotten me a little bit into online game. Yeah. Yeah. Little bit. Because it's cool. It's cool that you can actually scape. Jason like with friends. I honestly be interested in seeing you play tetris planet for so long. Yeah. We'll people really tuned into watch that. Yeah. I would watch. It was dream tetris. I would probably very good at it. So people would I would watch you play tetris. I would watch you pack, the back of a sedan for for long car trip. And let me help you a little bit. You can make money streaming. That's why they do it. So literally if you just pay if you play tetris all the time plane and your funny by yourself. Just like stream it make a couple jokes while you're doing it for nowadays. Plus people are gonna wanna see your face because I don't know if you know this model, but your your model, your Your mom. mom. Leased guys. I just hope earth gets to know for I have to die in a silly way. Many many times as a bit perfection tetris Manoa Gano mottos been the Manno. Sorry that I'm okay with that. I'm sorry. I prefer that to like a mononucleosis joke. Okay. Yeah. Minoa cannoli. Yeah. Keith. No it cannoli. Yeah. I got nothing for you players. Join goodbye. Are your all your listeners like old British? We're mostly listened to by debutante.

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