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Subscribe to traffic secrets now or visit traffic secrets. Podcast DOT com good morning to the class of two thousand eighteen. The faculty the parents the grandparents fellow honorees in the paid laugher. I have scattered throughout the audience. It is an honor to join you this morning for this special occasion. It is an honor to speak to you today from behind this gigantic tree stump like some sort of female Laura with an advanced degree. That's right you guys. I'm hitting Dr Seuss hard early in this speech because Dartmouth grads heavy privileged unique among all the Ivy League. We will be forced to be mini expert on Dr Seuss for our entire lives. On my deathbed I'll be saying. Did you know that his real name was theodor? Geisel did you know that he was the editor of the Dartmouth Jacko lantern and yes while no. Us presidents have gone to Dartmouth. We can at least lay claim for the wonderful Dr Seuss. Another notable alumnus is salmon. P chase the man on the ten thousand dollar Bill A. Symbolically powerful piece of paper. This largely useless in the real world like a degree in play writing which I received from this very institution. Thank you for paying for that mom and Dad. It's a thrill to be back here in New Hampshire the granite state known for two things. The place where you can legally and not wear your seatbelt. An Adam sandlers. Birthplace New Hampshire has one of the best models of any state. Live free or die for outsiders is seems like an exciting declaration of freedom. But when you're here in January die actually. Sounds like a pretty good option. I remember the days when it was so cold. Your Sneeze would become an ice sculpture before it hit the ground in Los Angeles where I live now if I sneeze. I just call my doctor and had my blood replaced with that of a teenage track star. That's normal there. I'm mostly track star right now before I go any further. I.

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