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Dominant crews and Henry Suharto. So which three fighters would you want that. Would you like to see those three fight. I think I can guess who you want. Hunters who don't fight yeah like to get my hands. Henry made to be honest. He called me out. I answered that I answered with action and then and then voices. I didn't say anything when he when he called me out because I wasn't necessarily in a position to do so but I am GonNa to fight win. The street <HES> undefeated for four over four years. Maybe three years right a big layoff helped out now now. I like to see that with Henry. <hes> I'd also like to see Frankie fight with w cool for dominant cruise you know I think Dominic crews needs the school some of these young guys you know <hes>. Someone's just algebra sterling was just talking about <hes> how could you how could I fathom going up in fighting Henry. When I lost to Frankie Rivera Jimmy Revere whatever his name is by ankle kicks and he beat him and I'm like Dude Marlin knock you out than Henry? Just got got got a massive win over him. You know the inmate. Math doesn't doesn't stack up so dominant cruise is a great match against solid jemaine stand. It's still not where it needs to be. Dominic is a great wrestler in super allusive. <hes> I think knowledge remain dominant crews that would be good and then for T._J.. <hes> I'd like to have to fight a lie detector. Test is that guys pathological it logical and the real story what he's been doing over these years you know that that'd be that'd be the fight for him. That'll be that'll be a few years away though so after his suspension but a name no one's really throwing around Peter John still out there I know he wants to fight house. Remain possibly for an inch. If Henri goes back down to fight Joseph benefit as your former teammate Peter Yang is been calling for an interim title fight against Alterman Sterling a what do you think of another interim bell possibly being added. It's the Bantamweight Division <hes>. Where do you think his path lies? If the situation that you've laid out goes down Peter Yang man he's a savage great boxing I think is his biggest attribute. Aziz had years and years and years years of combat in boxing but that can also add up those guys had years of boxing experience they also <hes> the Chins go quicker. They're harder hit. Is there so so accustomed to battle so it takes a good guy to really land on on a on an experienced guy like that <hes>. I'm so curious to see how is grappling. I think him analogy main <hes> with a with a grappling exchange algae main is gotta have a massive advantage in bitter. Ayaan has a massive advantage on the feet. I would say so <hes> as far as athleticism goes lean towards Algebra and is fighting as far as just being greedy fighter. I'd stay yawn so that's an interesting matchup but that guy's not going anywhere. He's he's still young in the sport. He's got plenty of time. <hes> you know I I can see in the future of the fight against Song Battery on Song is also a savage with his hands and he's a big fighter for the way class in his athleticism and skill set is is unbelievable. <hes> people don't have the rankings aren't talking much about him right now but believe me song is going to be a force in this in this class and you've seen it. He's got four or five lights. Neo See three fifty thousand dollar bonuses massive knockout power and people haven't even seen his grappling is grappling is is high high level so <hes> you know no one's calling out song that's for sure haven't heard one..

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