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Yeah this is where they were congratulation profar he won the art he for the great great and you can see her smiling faces and probably holding up he's been a hot offense right there fired as they get it for a different and unique he she had to be very very excited oh she was even posted on her facebook page how much but he had and i tell you don't really never stopped there were already looking ahead they give all right gonna be and it box paper or were given no way not for it was party that spot i get annoyed agree that and and more than just wonder to bring back so so we're eighty two thousand five hundred dollars and free batter get a and the grand prize effect thousand dollars at i can o'clock and it's easy and so we are really excited about that again if fowler knowledge that i am but the giants start at five you know go online on him you know you combine notes incentive you don't get a chance to talk about his your marvelous give shots you have two different give jobs do you know career here we have won the hotel not the great year for the hotel get and then no one right behind up okay both and you can get off thanks to find stuff there from be did i better made locally two i just about everything that you need to make your that that that that they can be and remind me how many hotel rooms we have though we haven't ninety and that includes three three from whom three hours week without a kick movies that and i duo head our i think if you know that what you could expect well don't forget lives joe mauer casino live marvelous hotel in a restaurants or open twenty four hours we'd love to see you at the when never casino and don't forget that bucks fever no one will that start when will that start first saturday november little get around the corner but before that you are ready to that big monster match battered a have only that are ready up here well more colonel look so you with the which is custom and you can look for me i'll be of the superman custom.

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