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But he's had a struggles for sure, and it looks like the charge will probably have to look that way in the draft looking at a right tackle free agency or the draft. At least look at that position the off season. If it keeps going the way it's going now Sam tabby can improve and have a strong close to the end of this year. He's got a right tackle spot in two thousand nineteen maybe have some competition, of course. But it's his job right now today starring this week against Cincinnati. Hopefully takes the reins hopefully, improves for the linebackers. Font has birthed is the most recognizable name this linebacker group. But you won't recognize his recent play because of the injuries that are piling up. He looks like a shell of his former self little bit slow. He got broken off by Philip Lindsay. And he took a sixty five yards to the how. House. He's had some troubles and the injuries do not help. Nick vigil there. Sam linebackers been out for four games because of a knee injury. He made his return last week. And it did not look like he was ready for vigil was a big part of the success for the Denver ground game. He was too slow to process things vigil hurt the team more than he helped. We came back and Nichols. A big part of that defense since he's been drafted. We'll see Nick bounces back this week name that you might recognize especially during the draft season was me Jefferson who's linebacker. The charters were kind of tied to charter fans are very familiar with them. He had his connections with the team a lot of guys liked him as a mid round pick. He got picked by the Bengals in the third round. But Cincinnati refuses to play him on defense. Now, he gets them special team snaps, and I was excited to see what Maliki Jefferson had because I was a fan of his during the draft. I wasn't a huge fan. But I liked his play in third round. I thought was a good spot for them. But man, I have no clue why the Bengals don't put Jefferson on the field. But boy does that remind you of something a day to pick selected be part of an organization's future. But the coaches are keeping him off the field, man. What does that sound so familiar got a can't quite put my finger on it moving onto DB's for the corners. William Jackson is our best corner though is kind of going through a sophomore slump in his second year in the league outside Jackson the bagels. Just don't have it drinker. Patrick dark Wisden yard look like more like rotational corners than they do starting NFL caliber corners. William Jackson is good struggling little bit. But charter shouldn't have too much problems on the outside the safety group, though, nice free safety. Jessie Bates is so good baits Derwin have kind of been in a race all season to see which rookie was the best safety. And if either of those safeties could land at number one among the PF grades in the. League Derwin pulled away. He's now number four among all safeties. And Jessie Bates lands at number eleven. This is gonna be a preview some the best young safety products league Sunday between Jesse base the third at Wake Forest in Durham, James at Florida state. They're strong safety, Shaun Williams has been okay, the season, not great. But Sunday, he actually looked pretty solid was by far their best run defender, including those big dudes up front Williams kept the Bengals in that game early with a pair of impressive run stops in the second quarter liked what I saw from him near the line of scrimmage, but from some of the other games, I watched he was kind of up and down. But you know on Sunday. He looked good against the Broncos. So on Sunday the Bengals offense revolves around two guys. Now with AJ green out is running back Joe mixing in Tyler Boyd. You can probably throw it in titan. If you want to, but those are the guys doesn't agent Phillips against Zomba's not gonna be a problem. We shouldn't be an issue Tyler boy. John Ross stretching Casey Hayward, Michael Davis out could be a problem. But just stop the run Joe mixon is the guy now Marvin Lewis still wants to ground and pound hopefully rivers in the offense can jump out to an early lead..

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