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He's holding the line for America. Buck Sexton is back. I don't know what he was thinking. I don't know if he has a mental problem or whatever. But it's not looking good for him. You know what I'm saying? And. And it was places Chicago thirty below ended crime stocks when it's thirty below. Okay. And why would so Republicans that are maga- fans we watching empire Eos? Everybody an apology. He the black hills the gay community apology because this looks like he's lying. When it first happened. I was like y'all. We need to go get these tools man, you know, because it's like you put a new Soviet because nowadays with all this racial sensitivity. It's like it's too sensitive. And so we reacted and we're ready to fight for this guy. And then his story started looking a little shady shady. I don't know. I think that the guys careers. I think so. I think so that was a comedian who was asked about this. And I think gave some pretty Godfrey comedian Godfrey talking about the smallest situation, we say smaller smollet, I'm not sure which it is. I never heard the name Jesse before either not that I'm wanting to make fun of names or point out, the peculiarity of names because glasshouse and all that. But Jesse smallest is now officially I can tell you a suspect Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said that the empire actor Jesse small. It is a fish Lee a suspect in a criminal investigation for filing a false report, which is a class for felony. He is in a world of hurt my friends because trust to be given all the sensitivity and all of the national attention on this story. It's fair to say that Chicago police would not take this step in less. They were darn sure that they had something on this guy. And I look it's not like is a hard thing to figure out either. Right. I mean, this is not a difficult. It's not like we have to sit here and think. For a long time to come up with what probably went down here. I think we already know. I think that what we have been told. Largely is what has happened here. Which is that this guy most likely hired these two individuals and engaged in this. Engage in this hoax. Another race hoax, racial incident. Hoax of hate crime fakery. It's very disturbing. And I do think he should be charged. I'm seeing some people in conservative land say, well, I feel bad for him and maybe his mental health issues. Let me share a different perspective here by John casts. A Chicago Tribune reporter, and I would note that local Chicago media has done this one, right? They have covered this case they've shown that in a local media because I think they realize they can't compete with the feeding the the audience the narrative, whatever whatever they want to hear, you know, they're never going to be able to do that the same way that the national outlets do so better to be accurate right better to be telling the people in your community. What's true? And what facts you, can you can present them. But John Kass writes the following Chicago Tribune, quote, something important has been lost in the embarrassing saga jussie smollet, the tuna fish sandwich, loving actor and anti-trump activists and those muscular Nigerian brothers. And I suppose it's easy to lose. What's important with all the panic and intersectional hatred and liberal identity? Politics, gone bad in this small at story. What's been lost his this? I'm told that two dozen detectives were assigned to the small at case can Chicago Ford that with all the unsolved murders and shootings in this town. No, there were some eighteen people killed in Chicago after small at began telling his story in late January that story in which he cast himself as the hero about having to fight off pro Trump racists. Now, it turns out that the pro Trump racists who he says put a noose around his neck may actually be his friends to muscular Nigerian brothers who may or may not have been paid in this deal. Either way his story is he fought them off even though he had a cell phone in one hand and a tuna sandwich and the other small it must be a certified bad ass because his sandwich. Survived but two dozen detectives assigned to check out his story that he was a victim of a politically inspired pro-trump hate crime a story unraveling by the second. Even in Chicago, a city known for its unending violence and political corruption. Assigning two dozen detective seems a bit overdone. But Chicago has an abysmal homicide clearance rate of about seventeen percent. Chicago's detective ranks have been decimated by attrition and shortsighted management. There aren't enough. Detectives. Even so two dozen detectives for small it just doesn't seem right. Make no mistake. He's not blaming detectives here or the Chicago police department, they work for a politician. His name is Rahm Emanuel. When small told his amazing story about being a black guy attacked by racist. Trump supporters and one of the coldest nights of the year. The media was all over the national politicians roller. John John cashier end, quote there John cast of the Chicago Tribune is making a critical critical point. And that is that this this case got more attention because of the politics involved because of the limb nonsense narrative about horrific Trump supporters, and they're evil hate crimes that are such a scourge. It's such a national panic and all the all the triggered libs are all worried about this all the time. More police resources were devoted to this. Obvious hoax of a story then to actual murders. Actual murders, including the murder recently. A one year old boy. Who was shot in the head? One year old boy street gangs, trying to shoot his mother shot. The one year old boy his name was John Irving. There. Weren't you dozen? Detectives a shine assigned to design Irving's case. I want to tell me why this guy small et should be given a pass here. Why we shouldn't pay attention to the resources to the wasted effort and time when there are real problems. I mean, Chicago has a gun violence epidemic. And now we find out that small at is a suspect in this. If they can prove this, and I believe they will be able to they should punish him to the fullest extent of the law. My expectation here. I don't know yet. My expectation is that jussie smollet is going to have to take a plea bargain because otherwise you could face some pretty serious prison time. I also think that he should spend some time in prison. I'd have to look at what these statutory guidelines are. But I I don't think there should be a slap on the research. I don't think that this should be treated like this is okay. Someone tell me how George popadopoulos deserves to go to prison for two weeks. And this guy small it for what by the way, lying about nothing a non lying about a non crime jussie smollet should should not go to prison for this all the resources all the time. Wasted the cost of the tax payers and the disrespect shown to the families of dead children in Chicago. Who couldn't expect the same resources devoted to their children's cases? Because the democrat politicians who control Chicago didn't see those murders as important as this small at hoax. That's what's really happening here..

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