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That outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful. And since we've no place to go let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow. Pretty shit, man. It does you know Paul, Krish, Eddie, There's a man right there. Oh, my Lord. Hey, Jo, On the radio. Good morning, it is 6 26 on am 9 70 the answer. We got a full show for you today, So we appreciate you being with us. So proud to be a part of this program here in AM night, 70 the answer. Mike Kelly, Congressman Mike Elliot join us Nicole Mali attack was just ripping it up already. She's not technically even sworn in yet. John Solomon is going to join us, Alan Dr Alan Kadish, Alan Dershowitz. We're gonna see what's going on with that. Texas lawsuit challenging election results in four states Marlo Thomas. I'm very, very excited to have the great marble times on the show, too. So we appreciate that. Joey civilian working so hard. These Joe Biden to he has the press conference yesterday. I sweated in this gracious. They think we're so dumb. They think we're dumb, you know, And maybe there's a portion of and I say this respectfully people who don't want to use the word done. That's too mean. There's a portion of the of the population that is uninformed. Then you put it that way. So they watched your bike to come out. He can, but listen the whatever they did. To get to where they gave. Hopefully they won't win win. But the fact that they got as far as they did keeping Joe Biden in the basement you got as Diabolique and demonic as that was and how wrong that was. You know what if they win, man, Amanda, it's they We wrote the book on campaigning. It's called the Basement Strategy. How the Heck did that happen? Now they will if they bring him out, and I'm not being mean here, but But I'm just I'm done with all the fraud that's been going on and what we have to deal with. You know, I see President Trump and you know you don't like President Trump. I understand that sure, but you gotta give him credit for getting this Max vaccine going and really in 10 months. It's monumental epic, and it's historical As historical as his peace plan is that's historical is shutting down Isis. The God given him no credit, so and I could go on and on then Joe Biden come then and it can't stop with the boy. That rebel. It's pro trump This approach. You're obsessed. People are obsessed with hating Donald Trump. You worry about yourself. If you hate someone that much, no matter who did you got a problem with yourself. And I say that would respect that. I love you. If you hate that much people are so and I happened on the right. Do they get me? They get mean you gotta be or you're not conservative enough. You're going to conservative enough and you know, and they won't and they won't. They don't even like the president. I mean, this has got to leave your heart because it's just gonna just cause health problems for God's sake for you. So they bring Joe Biden. Now when I say this just an objective and he goes like this. We're giving out. I swear to goodness gracious. He were giving out 100 million vaccines. The 1st 100 days. I'm gonna ask you to wear a mask for the first He's got nothing. The guy the Democrats have nothing. Nothing to combat this this Juan virus. They have nothing and equally actually said you bind actually said we're gonna give away 100 million. The president is God et the president mentioned it already at a press conference, the present and and and Joe is Joe Bond, then then Oh, and then this this too, and I'll go to the calls on the second. Then the president is the press asks the president questions and it was over you. You're you're having Christmas parties and you're not wearing masks. I promise you in the name of God. Reporter actually ask that question. Oh, Mr President, You have been Christmas parties across the street at the White House, and you're not wearing that This is what they have to do. Why don't they ask Joe Biden? Any question Anything like that, Uh, vice President? Are you going to give President Trump credit for coming up with this vaccine and pushing this through something? Any question? Where's Hunter? Brian? What's going on? What have 100 by that just went away. What about China? The ties with China? That's the danger. That's the dangerous see it clear and they won't touch Joe Biden. They won't touch him and the press they ever and then because I always think all right, The president brings it on himself. I say about President Trump, you know, because he goes because your fake news Yeah. He's goes after CNN. So now the fight has started. They go back and forth. And I must admit I enjoy watching this craziness going back and forth, you know? But then yesterday, though, the president was humble. He was nice. He was saying, Look, we got the vaccine. It was such a feel good moment. The press could not stand it. They couldn't stand it and they had to start with the negativity. And that's when the president defends himself. Look, this is and he's got to say this is historic. He shouldn't have to say that. Oh, please, and and for buying to say we have 100 million we're gonna We're gonna put any used a phrase that they were using. At the White House summit yesterday. They said in your arms in your arms they were using That phrase is saying it's from from from from the time we developed it toe in your arm to we, the shot is in your and ended by news is that same vernacular? IV in your arm there want they're stealing everything amazing that they've gotten as far as they have with this. What I think is a fake candidate. And Joe Biden just a Manchurian candidate for China, And I don't say that in a mean way. I say that just because of the research that I have to do for this program, Charlie Finch kind enough to call in Charlie. Good morning. What's on your mind this morning, my friend. Well, Frank Sinatra Man with the Golden arm. No one had more acting range in my view than Mr Sinatra, Your friend speaking which in 1951 when Bobby Thompson hit the shot heard round the world beat the Dodgers. That's all the grounds Frank Sinatra tend to get the game with Joe members of the original lap pack put Shore. And Jackie Gleason and FBI Director Jagger Hoover. Now many people don't know that Mrs Sinatra was a close friend of Jagger. Hoover. Do you know what his personal name which over loved For director Hoover was Joe. Thanks for not his name. No, I don't want with Jet Girl Jet girl. Not great. Now, I spoke to a hanging Chad Lopez on assignment from Dr Rock Positano, who runs ABC earlier this morning. And they've been running prom most for your new show down the dial. Without the time starting today, they're gonna have the time which is 8 to 10. This Sunday. I know you're going on the Murano Show tomorrow. One more thing. Job. I want your interview with Oscar winner Louis Gossett. He won't the very first song. That Murray the K played in the new format in 67, or eight wfm, handsome Johnny. A tribute to the infantry by Richie Havens in that great that that was amazing that he said that thank you, Charlie. Well, said it. Thank you so absolutely, man. Happy, Janek. Everybody happy, Charlie. God bless that. Thanks so much. Piscopo, the radio 6 33 yet Lou Gossett Jr. You know, he wrote this right? It's one of the very popular song called Handsome Johnny, and he wrote it, And we found that with Lou Gossett Day yesterday, So Joseph Delia is alive and well, we're waiting is quarantining in Brooklyn. So we're going to see what happens. He actually walked by somebody with covert. And so now he's got a quarantine for 10 days..

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