The Washington Times, Mri Simmons, President Trump discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


To go The Washington Times The Washington Times is one of the most trusted publications on Capitol Hill according to MRI Simmons the nation's most influential people read and share the Washington times content including the president and vice president The Washington Times is the reliable trusted source for policy and politics in Washington and across your message be heard with the Washington times real trusted news seven eighteen traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks up on the fourteenth street bridge had a crash along the right side hopefully on the roadway now I speeds are starting to pick up but the investigation continues on east capitol street west bound before Minnesota Avenue all lanes have been stopped for the investigation there well why interlude before River Road what's left of the crash is on the right shoulder No Way through Bethesda Silver Spring College Park in greenbelt without the light all over Washington parkway north bound from four fifty slowed will point before the beltway may have been answered on the shoulder getting attention beyond that the pace is good fifty out of the bay bridge that runs well and in Charles county to twenty eastbound western parkway still dealing with the crash there and at last report traffic is being diverted not sure that's still the case around the wall what over western parkway and add up to twenty eight believe it's going to be in the eastern direction Bunker Hill believe we have another crash Virginia side southbound traffic on ninety five still some boys get into the aka quand quickly winding down slope only from route one sixty six runs well both ways in our systems make software to solve your most critical interoperable scalability and speed problems see with the industry analysts are saying at inter systems dot com slash analyst Bob Inman WTOP traffic on team.

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