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So really even just a little. We hate to relate to ask. But you know, we're doing it for good costs are moving on moving on. What else do we know? Well, I. Over-packed? We really did. Because as one does we wanted options, and we had a completely different idea of what we were doing here. Besides doing a little stand up on the stage, which that room is beautiful. But it was a lot of people twenty one hundred. So we've we've brought everything that sparkles. Every leopard-print thing we own every costume possible. Wigs wigs goggles. I bought a Holly glasses at my stepfather. Got free issue from the US air force for years and years and years. They're just coke bottle leopard-print shoes. Spanks push up bra lorries leopard hat. I have brought a whip. I didn't know what we were going to need this week. I know. I have a little baby weight, but I didn't get it out of my Halloween. Everything. In lorries whole thing has been what are we gonna wear Friday. Game show contestants. I'm sure. In one game. And the rest were standing in each going to do ten minutes. And I thought this is going to be a piece of cake. You know, one little match game or jeopardy or whose line is it anyway, and we'll be just dressed as glamorous game show contestants. And you know, I just had this whole I don't know where. Allusion? Oh, yeah. I knew it was watching favorites. So last night, I just decided I should put every piece of everything on income down for the group. Bradley when he took your photo. And he did tweet it out there and people have seen it. But you did look like Norma Desmond meets axl rose. I thought I really did. So well Jason's face when I came down. Oh, gosh. No seat Patterson's face, and he'd already been initiated accordingly an hour before you came down from Russ senior comedy genius upstairs. Lori and how many do you need to come up? Jason. And know you had a bell ton, and you may fashion. Okay. But then sort of a turban and then leopard glasses and the beautiful thing. I don't. But the beautiful thing about coming mistaker the state fair walking on the street, New York City. Nobody cares. No one cared. No here. Hear people of the most interesting thing put together ever and didn't.

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