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Is relentless and oftentimes hides out. I've got a couple of satistics here. If i could feel indulge me. I'll i'll i'll give you those Ovarian is the on the list of cancer. It's number eleven as far as what Americans get of course it it. It is a It's a women's cancer only Right now there are about two hundred thousand women living with varying cancer. It's number eleven on the list. But it's the fifth leading cause of cancer death and it only affects half the population. The female population The top age group is women. Fifty five to sixty four in unison was right smack in the middle of that. She was sixty one years old when she was diagnosed It's the deadliest of all gynecological cancers In in twenty twenty one there will be approximately twenty one thousand seven hundred and fifty. Women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and approximately fourteen. Thousand will die now. They may have been ones that who have been diagnosed. You know in the past. But that's just kind of the way it goes One in seventy eight women and these numbers i think. Carry over for about fifty years. One in seventy eight women in their lifetime will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer so That that's just a little background and of live while we're here why we're doing the cancer blast unicef passed away in december of two thousand sixteen. So she she battled it for thirty. Three months The average life span of stage four ovarian cancer patients. Seventeen and i have First of all. I always i absolutely refuse to say that you you know you hear people say so. And so lost their battle with cancer. I refuse to say that cancer took her life but it never took her faith. It only made stronger. Never took her spirit. She was a fighter till the very end. Her sense of humor We cried a fair amount but we laughed a whole lot. More we really did. And so But but i say that that eunice made it thirty. Three months for three reasons She she had an iron wheel To live and to live well as long as she could and she had a very deep faith in god that went way back before cancer but it only got deeper and the third reason is the tremendous care that she received at the marquis cancercenter If if you had asked me prior to february of two thousand fourteen Tell me about the market cancer center. I would have said well. Are you looking for your dream home. Well that means you're looking for your dream loan. Uk federal credit union. We make that dream a reality. You federal credit union as home loan options to fit your needs with quick pre-qualifications plus you can get special incentives with our home plus program to save on closing costs. Apply online at you. Kfc dot org for dr six branch locations first mortgage services provided by our partner s wbz mortgage corporation. You kfc you as an equal housing lender and for full details visit you. Kfc you dot org. I've i've heard there's this cancer place over at uk. I didn't know anything. I did not know anything now. I didn't have any reason to. We didn't have cancer in our family But it's a it's a gm that's right here in our backyards. A you told me that there was a doctor that you saw. And you were looking at going to mayo's or they're there he said but what i would do would be to send it right over here to marquis. Well and he was. You is being very objective about it. Yeah he was actually unisys doctor for many many years. Lewis hicks and ovarian can only be diagnosed with pathological. There is no test they can go win and pull sales. They have to have pathology. They have to have some some tissue to diagnose ovarian cancer but an experienced gynecologist seeing what he was seeing he pretty much knew he couldn't say this is what you've got. But he knew and this was on a monday in his office. Unison had Symptoms like i say for for nine days her. Her stomach filled up her abdomen her her stomach cavity filled up with fluid You could hear it wash it. Sound like a bucket of water and so doctor hicks told us said. I've had a lot of cancellations. You know it snowed today. I don't have much to do this afternoon. I can get you an appointment. Probably anywhere in the country. You want to go And then he said if it was my wife we would be headed to marquis and that was all we needed to hear And he said great. I've got you an appointment already at two o'clock tomorrow afternoon and this was on a monday. We saw unisys Dr own on tuesday afternoon made him for the first time and of course he didn't know whether one hundred percent but he'd been around he pretty much knew just because of of some other tests. They're.

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