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Not be in canton ohio this year for enshrinement for that ceremony which is scheduled an august the fourth now the men i heard about that i said boy that's just t o b n t o whatever he's looking for he's only by doing this that he's going to find it we had a caller not too long ago who said that he's sticking it to the people who did not vote him in before other contemporaries of his there's a way to go about that to me this was an ideology way to go about it when you tell loans does it just doesn't make any sense unless he doesn't want to share the spotlight with all the other people going into the hall of fame and he wants a day off for himself he doesn't want to share the headlines with ray lewis and brian urlacher guys like that i guess that's a possibility for the statement makes it sound like he went to canton ohio expecting to be like new york city hey man i went there visited i'm gonna do it elsewhere do it's canton you know they don't have clubs and every corner i mean you're not gonna probably find too many riches or four seasons like it's just kids can ohio where the pro football football teams at i i don't like this decision at all it's where the nfl started that's why it's there they don't move it around just the suit you especially when the place where the bus are going to be is going to be in canton ohio real quick down in south carolina at eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six daniel had to say about her own it's not going to be there in canada in august so you're researcher scibelli better than me but i won't from what i could see i haven't found a player that was ever booed at an nfl et al hall of fame induction ceremony is terrell afraid that he might be the first well i did not even think about that during south carolina i don't think anybody's going to boo him but he may be the most villainous guy that's about to be inducted into the pro football hall of fame.

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