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The Walter Reed Medical Center on Saturday afternoon the White House said it was for a quick exam and labs now usually when the president has a physical stand at the White House sun schedule well known they talk about it so now this has the internet all the buzz the president trump was a victim of attempted poisoning or this is a way for plotting to resign suddenly a medical problem is going to make him resign it's for you know a dollar value all the Twitter Roddy and people are saying yet despite the criticisms and talk about this the White House released a statement by the way is a staffer Walter Reed not notified about the planned visit by the president CNN reported this stop not typical for a routine visit Jonathan Reiner cardiologists for former vice president Dick Cheney said that while he was in the White House the man he was told the Brooke trip to the White House than usual he was skeptical the trip out physical stand be scheduled in advance this according to Dick Cheney's former cardiologists some are saying that the president went there because he possibly was poisoned yeah Roger stone Alex Jones both said that course they're kinda on the friends there I got in foil hats on yes yeah the other people's is going to be a it presents going to stage a health resignation the Intelligencer reported Saturday afternoon trump's tend to see the down fall of downplays personal health restate concerning moment of his presidency when he went to Walter Reed hospital in beset Bethesda Maryland for surprise medical exam Cordy the White House trump visited the hospital for a quick exam and labs phase one of my yearly physical as the president later called us to our visit but I like is to prior physicals in office which were completed in one seating one sitting rather the Saturday visit was not listed on the president's official schedule hospital staff not aware trump was swinging through typically Walter Reed medical staff to get a notice about a V. I. P. visit the Medical Center headed that presidential visit notifying them certain closures of the facility that didn't happen this time indicating this is a non routine visit and scheduled at the last minute with the White House released a statement from the physician to the president he actually the physician to the president's his name Sean Conley actually has his own letterhead believe it or not kind of cool he said this past Saturday afternoon the president traveled to Walter Reed national Medical Center for routine planned interim check up as part of the regular primary preventive care he received throughout the year due to scheduling uncertainties the trap and the trip was kept off the record after a little more than an hour examinations labs and discussions president of a brief tour the hospital to visit some of the medical staff as well as speak with the family of a soldier undergoing surgery after which the president returned home to the White House despite some of the speculation the president has not had any chest pain no was evaluated or treated for any urgent or cute issues some said he was having stomach problems I say that as an aside specifically he did not undergo any specialized cardiac logical examinations a full summary of his labs exam will be incorporated next year's report but the president has consented to me in sharing with his total cholesterol is now one sixty five pretty good wow saying that's pretty good considering all those big macs is apparently having exactly that's what I'm thinking if he get many gives the split of the HDL and LDL he throws that in there today I'm healthy yeah so they don't know what happened there but somebody said it was a gastric problem at all these people are saying oh my gosh somebody's trying to poison the president and you think about that it's like wait a second that's that's actually a thing that's a concern as any of food tasters and whatnot so yeah I mean wouldn't somebody being couldn't somebody put a couple drops of something in his food and also in the sitting there in a falls over it turns out you're absolutely right sherry there is an official food taster for the president really his name is Walter Scheib he's the White House chef okay he's the one the taste the food before it goes out to anybody who goes out to the president yes he's the chief taster they said what's more the White House now has an elaborate system to keep food in for the first family and even state dinner safe primarily the kitchen works of companies that have undergone serious background checks I would hope so you don't hear about a lot of that food poisoning incidents at the White on no no no in the present in the president's kitchen is a book out by Adrienne Miller and he says that discretion is valued fight if you find someone bragging about the fact that they supply food to the White House you don't trust them so these are people that are very very the silent about what they do there was this great we absolutely have discretion a must and of course the Obama area error had the White House garden that you surprised friend supply fresh vegetables he added sometimes the most secure thing you can do is just go to the store and shop at the last moment you don't tell anyone what one favorite for White House chef is whole foods on P. St six seventy going in there by about just stop and think about that how many times as the president said you know he when he was on his campaign trail on the campaign trip all of sudden you know they have a hundred and fifty quarter pounder with cheese get delivered to the care somebody goes to pick up a hundred fifty and they they call a McDonald's say Hey we got a last minute order can you whip up a hundred fifty quarter pounders force yeah okay great and you know so they do that and give did look never saying who it's from them never saying who it's for because they don't want people to you know spin the burgers or whatever you know you get some goof doing that I I hate this guy amenities spit on his burger you don't want that he's so they just deal with the manager and that's why they do it very stealthily so interesting wow so one of those little things in it again this is what those rabbit holes I ran into when I was reading this story about what's going on with the president this said you know this following weekends like way does he have a food taster Google presidents food taster out there we go and by the way this is something that's been going on since the Reagan administration so give Reagan Clinton bush the H. W. A. W. bush it's a good idea to have that little extra insurance for the leader of the free world yeah kinda like to have that because you think of you know poisoning being something from back in the the medieval days but boy we you know we talk about an easy target if someone was able to do that man that's something so yeah that's the that's we learn about that's a still don't know what happened Walter Reed to guess it's zero a big nothing really surprises trying saying it's a big nothing but you know who knows what's going on there are more impeachment hearings today we'll talk more about that coming up a little bit and this is hilarious Strock stroke and page the two FBI lovers agent leaders waiting to hear this story when Peter strikes wife found out about their little affair that's right I forgot about that they were both married they both were only yeah and now the F. B. I.'s release the documents about when the wife found out this is really kind of funny it's five forty one right now Brad Sussman in for Brian talk radio five sixty KSFO let's say you just bought a house.

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