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To be into. I get a live at domination of. Yeah yeah. I'd give this one a nine chris because eight had djeddai spark for me with the initial battle the beginning the initial by hell at the end. I'm going to watch it because this bits that you pointed out to me that i did not say special. We've how she had like suburbs in opposite hands the hands in reverse a s. So is that on like saffron like this. Yes harding them like this. Oh she's a whiz fault line that new while she swaps to the right way. Yeah after she needs love the out. i'm going to have to look for the owl as well i enjoyed. I did enjoy this episode so much so the problems for me was michael. Baynes character was underused very much. The used The the magistrate. We knew absolutely nothing about her. Apart from schatzer information that soak needed. That's all you needed know. But the president. She gaffe seem that she was underused. Now to main because the actress who played. I'm sure she's going to do with bruce. Lee a might be wrong here at the same time you can't. This is a problem. You call focus on too many people you know. Yeah you're right i did. I liked the carrot. Says the the renate yeah. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it but like you say with thrown his name being out there. You know what i mean at the bits with the mando and the child snatching as anything. I thought that was really well day. Flown is a director is not is is not the best that but he will be. I can see him go places with it. I just came of knowledge in my head On obviously all its subjective where all view it differently. We could say that you know when you look at the things that inspired day for low ni that vary wanting to one then no interpretations are adept -tations when you say other directors interpretative own ways really satisfy. The flow is a student as well as george. Lucas is apprentice. So it's bush budget was just lucas. A good director. Yeah in a crushed by the thought. Phil yeah yeah pep bothered him and i enjoyed. It is fantastic. Any funnel false. Chris on on a re pretty much gone through it will. My last question is side quest. All main quest will they be going to the temple or willa side quest. Stop them on the way side quest. I'm gonna go with quest stein as really yes. It is only three episodes left. And i think we'll see half and half. I think who gideon in the next sort at the temple right. I think it's gonna get paid that. Yeah that's what do they call it like you know when you see a weapon you know that. Some point that weapons go new title. is good the what is it cooled when you see a weapon. You know that weapons going to be brought so began to deadly. Cathy was good. But you know that. Spear is heading to the chest plate of muff gideon Checkoffs good now sit checkoffs. Good that spirit checkoffs gun route. Not spare is going to be given to bubba. Who was lacking behind those buildings. Yeah oh did you. Did you spot by. We forgot to mention this. Remember last week's episode. Where i said the with some people egalite spotted somebody. They said like A crew was just hiding in the kohner yet. It's now been removed has been digitally removed right and i was looking at again thinking. I know exactly who that is. That's but fat lacking hey seen what's happened in just check it out and that's what's gonna happen. He's going to get that. Armor is gonna get that spare and then he's gonna kill muff gideon do the follow them yet. Do the job for now. Next week's while this friday cobain's episode on joe written by jonathan Derek coverage by john. Again i believe is it 'cause a mind i haven't got a title and i haven't got who is directed by both sam jon favreau a written has written this one asked day felonious written this episode and directed it so that would be really interesting. I can't wait. Will they go straight into the quest or a side quest on. I like to say because joan fabra on the absence after is written by rick few marine. Yup it will decide quest quest side quest quest. You say with us what we go with. I think we'll see that's all from me. Yeah so chris where can well. Everyone's enjoyed the with really got. It's out on this episode. Because he was quasi big episode still felt very very quick. Oh just a quick one also online up in here in in last week's episode is no those clone vats. The we said there was people. Some people said. I'm sure that smoke in their sure. That snow kenner and i was thinking now you wishing pursuing this not happening. Suppose so anyway chris. Where can people get a hold of youth. They will have a chat where you You can find me on twitter. My name is done. Chris and You can also find me on the radio free endo disco will be in the description as always and you can find me on twitter as at jamie underscore underscore pants and if you really want to show you look for the show and look ultra cool then head over to t- public get your official radio free endo t shirts. These masks of sticking smokes key rings mouse mats. they're all they're all available. It's public right now. Also i choose. He's still the best place to download the show. Why that takes time out to five star review If you head over to twitter. Facebook and instagram. Look for radio free on those three and you can also leave his review on. That's we'll send any kind of message is any think you thought about in. These shows that me. Chris of not covered. Please please please send us an email. Send us a message on any of our social media's and really. We'll go over it when we chris and really point because more participation is the key. That's for sure. An also. I posted on facebook page and i think i posted on twitter page so fantastic christmas gifts because we are now in the month of december but side this. This podcast gets airplanes. So everyone's sticking to. The trees is christmas time. Mistletoe wine all the shops are close to the second. Mid-december scraped it's fantastic. So if you're looking for those advent. Calendars especially the lego star was one you can't buy into at least the second of december six when i'm gonna pick minal before. So our email is radio free indoor gene cup and also i also do go said. Uk show which not done for last month because so invested in these episodes mandalorian just got to get through. This has been so good. At talk to chris. Code over these episodes. Because we don't just on this. Do we actually talk fired about it. And then we come on here and talk about it. We also talk about star trek as well and I'm starting to see chris. Points of view installed trek discovery. Crissy's of mine may but we'll see a lot plays out as well so anyway good-bye for me and it's by i'm we'll see very very soon for the next episode. Manto.

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