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Welcome back to the downer dirty radio show powered by polaris razor like to welcome our next guest the mayor of hinch town james hinchcliffe allied how's everything going there in hitch tell my friend so far so good sunny and beautiful sunny and beautiful man i gotta tell you watching watching the race this weekend uh do you plan on saturday to make things interesting man it was like starting fifth isn't good enough we're we're gonna dropped back a bit in still poet podium out though yeah and i really wanted to do that three strategy and i figured i couldn't talk opinion the ladder for her corker aired by spitting on lap one uh i gotta tell you though it was you know all things considered i was a hell of a drive a detroit to come back from from i guess 20second to two podium mad i mean i even though the analyst on tv they're like he's done there's no chance he can podium now in and you pull it out like i mean that was an impressive drive to me out of everything that happened this weekend i saw that a mike that was the most oppressive feet the entire weekend man props to you guys were making that happen yeah create that can be ah the car with good beteen we're able to adopt you know a new strategy on the fly and and make it work the pets and you know we had a yellow and we needed to get us back up with the guy that we should have been racing with all day and i made that mistake fell um i was pretty determined after that to make sure that we you know i made up for uh for a bonehead move just spitting out all by myself there wanted.

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