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Yeah. And I bought girl scout cookies from Honey, boo. Boo. One time online online and we wanted to supporter. Yeah. Good for you me, and mama June got into it. Because I thought they stole my money because it took like a month for me get the cookies and so to Twitter Twitter beef, and she put all my personal information out on Facebook. And. Got you. You start finding mama June. June on my look it's a scam. They don't really give you because it took over a month for my cookies to arrive. And so she heard me talk about it or salt on Twitter, and she went on their personal Facebook page where they have hundreds of thousands of people that follow them. And she wrote all my personal information out there. What does that mean your personal your real name address phone number on that? All out there. Great this idiot thinks he can go on their spread false. Rumors about me, and my family, we when you buy from for us. You get the cookies as you wrote a long pose. And I was like oh my gosh. Had just got the cookies. So me June got into it. I keep you posted your home address. Yes. How long ago was this? This is five years. Yeah. I thought it was so exciting to buy cookies from Honey, boo, boo. And then it turns south because I thought they still my money, and then it went real south because mama June got mad at me. So how did you feel when you saw the story? I was let down I was shocked I- mama June. Seems like just a cool fund. Mom, like I didn't ever see her going down this route. But I guess that's what happens. I mean. Her boyfriend's been in trouble with the law in the past. And I don't know I a good news story to kind of wrap this up, please. This guy has phone say Ehrler tack his his cellphone who would tax people. They're an Australian man that's under. Under. John stopped an aero from hitting him as he came under attack in New South Wales. It someone had a bow shot into the phone. Oh, wow. So good that crazy. Yeah. There your wind on that attack. Attack. That's a positive moment June. She looks so sad in the back of the sheriff. Oh, you know, what's funny about the mama June stories? They have sheriffs truck with bars on it. That's pretty cool. Big truck lets your wrestler pretty cool truck. There's that. Jerry Lewis, fifth wife, dead sitting Nancy dead, Kurt cobaine. Also, Courtney love insane. Johnny cash. I turn abusive in XXX ten Pacione. Amy wine house completely off the rails. Disgrace land is a rock and roll true crime podcast about musicians getting away with murder behaving very badly. This hosted by me, Jake Brennan, I drew up in round rock and roll. In the one thing, I know to be absolutely true. Is that real Rockstars parties? Sane more like feral, nurses, animals functioning members of society in this is precisely what makes them so damn entertaining to pot big Marvin Gaye James Brown. John Lennon g Alan stones and the Hells Angels running security and a dead kid on the dance floor. These stories and more are all waiting for you in disgrace. Like listen to disgrace Santa the iheartradio.

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