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The Jim Bohannon show speaking with Gordon Smith he's the president and CEO of the national association of broadcasters are looking a little bit about the place of broadcasting in our lives something which I think we take for granted but maybe in times of stress and peril we're not always aware of the fact that this was a very special resource there somebody else that I think should be brought up to that is that of the majority of American radio stations are commercial radio stations they are advertised were supported and more than a few of our advertising clients are having serious problems right now I'm thinking particularly in terms of of restaurants and then this sort of thing and quite frankly yes they are a source of income do we commercial broadcasters but they also are a source of income to residents of your community at the source of service to your community and it would be a tragedy if we got out of this entire crisis in Sunday looked around to find that scores even hundreds of local businesses were no longer there well you couldn't have said it any better I certainly can't say it any better and you know truly I think many members of Congress who I'd serve with when I was in the US Senate and record our leaders and shares of board committees they understand our role and I they continue to promise even in a corona of relief bill number four there may be additional research recovery resources we can find such as the government needs to pump out a lot of information that they can certainly do it on press conferences but not everybody watches that and there may be ways for agencies to pick up some of the slack radio is is stealing by advertising how you get it best be a loan how do you how do you get unemployment insurance things that will direct people to relieve and and and help their families to survive this this quarantine period that we seem to be stock but hopefully as well many of the resources that may be coming in the next frogs of relief will enable businesses to take public resources you start commercial information through advertising by going to radio going to television began advertising a local wares and services that will have a double benefit of getting Congress kick started again and keep the radio and television alive as well so these are the kinds of things we were working on we're hopeful for everything that I spoke about previous in the previous segment about the the bill corona three that's happening Crono for were we're gonna monitor this and see if we can get more additional help.

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