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And prohibit the registration of a new vehicle in the state after twenty forty unless it's a zero emission vehicle well as scott pruitt and the trump administration have something to say about that right so is he going to build extra landfills for all the batteries for these cars rather than banning you know all gas guzzlers what what about would you get an exemption if you had a classic you must have be able to you can't say you can't register a new vehicle in the state like the sixty four cadillac deville i was looking at this morning if i bought that i could just what i tear the vin off of it and becomes a museum i think this is one of those where the market will we'll take care of this eventually people are moving like you said engines are becoming more efficient people are moving towards hybrids whether it's plug in or or you know gaselectric whatever it is i will say though the latest car sales figures for march which were buffalo for us carmakers the most popular cars are suv's people are not buying the volts or the pre i you know where they are in california because they look like crap that's the that's the the biggest the biggest negative that i see with hybrid cars is they don't make them look like real cars they make them look like skateboards with tesla it tesla's the one example i mean and i know that for example honda will make their civic and their record in hybrid versions and camry and corolla those cars or not they want they have three kids and a dog and they wanna have room for all of them so they're buying suv's you know the other thing about california if they're driving a prius there in the fast lane going forty miles an hour there's a you know it's a game right the game is at a smuggling when you get in the car it tells you when you're maximizing your miles per gallon and they'll try to find that sweet spot which is often not at seventy five miles an hour it's closer to about fifty eight thank it out of the fast lane yet but they're not they're never gonna win the game they need to they need to win the game they think they're better than you so they're going to win the game.

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