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14 after now on America in the morning, here's AccuWeather dot com meteorologist Matt Benz, our same storm that has plagued much of the country over the last number of days with severe weather will continue to bring the threat for not only the gusty winds, but perhaps some heavy rain at times here for today. And not just for today, but through tomorrow and possibly even into Sunday before this latest system moves off the coast, what we are looking at is a cold front from this latest storm that is draped across the southeast and the south central U.S. from the Carolinas to Alabama. And then all the way west into southeastern Texas, areas to watch airport today with heavy rain and thunderstorms will be from the Houston area on east towards New Orleans, a good chunk of mississippian Alabama as well could get in on this activity as well. And with that heavy rain threat, launch for the threat for flash flooding as well for many of these areas. There could be some gusty winds as well with some of these stronger thunderstorms. Otherwise, again, this activity continuing into the start of this weekend, though it does look like this rain will begin to subside from west to east through the day on Sunday. Otherwise dry across much of the mid Atlantic and the northeast for today albeit on the cooler side compared to recent days, just a couple of light rain showers across the upper Midwest, a new Pacific storm coming into the Pacific Northwest will spread rain as far south as a Bay Area for today, a steady of great expected to be for this morning for Portland and Seattle before that tapers off to a couple showers here for this afternoon. Dry today across much of the Ohio valley as well as the central great plains, looking dry for today. That's the weather across America and Houston for today again, watch for showers and heavy thunderstorms that can bring the threat for flash flooding here through the today today. Cool as well. I've just 64 in Seattle for today occasional rain and drizzle this morning. Perhaps a shower this afternoon with a high of 53. That's a nation's weather. I'm AccuWeather downtown here. I'll just map and I'm John trout to now 16 passed on America in the morning. China has deployed an aircraft carrier strike group near the east coast of Taiwan and

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