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Be a threat to Indies plan for a pro soccer stadium, showers and thunderstorms developing overnight, isolated strong to severe storms are possible by Thursday afternoon as the temperature rises, I'm staying Lear. Here's what's trending this hour. The owner of the minor league NBA eleven still hopes to bring a pro soccer stadium and a major league franchise to Indianapolis. We will make sure the we'll have large transformational development not on where we're going to be developing sixty and twenty acres, but also for has a generational impact to grow the area. But as it stands Ursel Ogden Mears plan depends on obtaining a major league franchise at the published report coach the Commissioner as saying the two cities with the best shot right now are Saint Louis and Sacramento too late for the little boy whose name the Bill bears. Bryson's Bill will require the newborn babies be. Check for crabs disease and two others. This is brought up a few years ago. And it didn't pass in Bryce might have been one of the first ones that caught for this z. So, you know, we're really fighting for all who's your babies moving forward Rice's father, Joel Clawson, appealing to the Indiana house. Members voted without dissent to give the Bill final. Passage little Bryce Clawson was diagnosed with crabs disease at the age of four and a half months. He is not expected to live to the age of two years. I'm staying Lear on the level on the go on Twitter at ninety three WIBC and WIBC dot com..

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