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Down the wrong side of my throat there. Oh my God. We gotta get Peter and picky you there. I'm here. Oh my God. At least once a day goes down the wrong pipe. I swear to God that Christopher Ninian talking college football. Did you know today or this weekend is the twenty-fifth anniversary of Rudy coming out in theaters? Actually, I had no clue. Where were you twenty five years ago hick? Not a thought in anyone's I we how old are you again twenty four. Oh, man. Yeah. Your parents hadn't even conceived your anything yet think about that pretty crazy. Right. All right. It's gotta be to me Rudy. Rudy is probably my number one. And I'm in a weird place Romanov Hieaux. And it's like if you if you like state you hate Notre Dame. I don't hate Notre Dame and Rudy had a lot to do with it. A lot to do with it. So I watched that. And I enjoyed that movie. And I think it's probably my number one. What are the top three football movies? I I you miss a lot of movies. Have you seen Rudy? Of course, Houston, Nathan oak Hickey. I sometimes I don't know. You didn't see Friday. It's a fair question. There's a lot of movies haven't seen. Thank you very much. So you've seen Rudy. Where's at Stanford is number one at the risks? I'm not going to sell your home or it's number two for me. What you don't want to sound like a Homer. So you're putting it at number two. Yes. Your favorite movie? I love Rudy. I think it is a great movie a lot of people love to trash Rudy. And I'll actually that's why I said I don't want to be a Homer. I was not expecting you to top thirty completely honest. Why why I talked to you just loves to trash because I'm a Notre Dame fan in general. And it's always as offsides. And that's the biggest just because they like the bus stones. And because old what does nuts got so angry about it before Joe Montana said that he hated Rudy. Cares rude. Is a great guy. That's a great story. I don't care if it's embellish. So what I don't care. It's a great story. And it's a great movie, and Sean Astin is fantastic in it. And the whole thing's great. I love the whole damn thing. So you're a lot of your favorite. It doesn't have to be the best. You're not the academy over here. You understand what I'm saying, buddy? No, I get it. And I got to my head. If I had to choose what movie to watch is my life. I think Rudy honestly be number two. Okay. What's what's number? Okay. What are one Gimmie three? And then give me one. Remember the titans and number three number Mike Friday night lights. Huge. AM one show. I haven't watched Friday night lights. What are you seeing haunt? You get on me for now you have not because there's there's certain movies. There's certain movies that I'm just not. I don't know, man. I just don't want to watch him. And that's one of them. When did Friday night lights, come out two thousand four two thousand four blindside came out in two thousand nine I swear to God. I was getting ready to watch Friday night lights in the blindside came on. Nope. Because I hate the blind side. There's certain movies that well, let me get the ship. And then I'll tell you the movies that I hate. But go ahead. What are you got? You got any? I'd say Rudy varsity blues and anything you're just saying that because I told you that during the break. She's never slept. The world has ever seen. James? Who's the godfather just driving around and John, right? Right. Who's who's the guy James Caan, son? I have seen it Scott Carr. Yes. Thank you can. And by the way, James Caan was not the godfather. He was sunny so close enough. He's killed on a causeway they've got him at a causeway they've got sunny on a causeway. Could he Google that? When I mentioned it before could shift that is both face. Look, we love we love. I never ever would take those words. No liar, buddy. I think somebody's a favor, but Pete ain't no liar. I know Pete pizza a lot of things in a liar. Okay. So you're out. All right. Peter. Let me give me yours, buddy. Go ahead. Number one. Remember, the titans sucks. Number two varsity blues great movie number three, the replacements. Not bad. That's just great your number one. I'm just like ads sucks. There's there's certain movies that everybody likes my favorite football movie of all time is Rudy. Number two is varsity blues you don't my number three is. I wanted to say I want to say north Dallas forty really bad. But I don't my number three all time favorite football movie nine thousand nine hundred eighty three Leah Thompson. Tom Cruise Craig. Nelson. Yes. All the right move inflec-. Excellent. Such a good good movie. I swear if you haven't already at people going all the right moves all the right moves. Yep. All the right moves. I. Hills or one at heights. It's either way it's the nights. And they're the ones that got all the money, and they're just the poor white trash and the other side of town. Yes, did you like we are Marshall because I liked that movie to actually did like that. Because I think for Matthew mcconaughey, as you would guess, I just I don't like let me explain to you. I don't like these other movies. All right. Remember the titans? Remember, the titans would be good. I I have a problem. You know, what I can't say that sentence? I can't say this. I don't need. I don't need a little precocious girl. Who's the assistant coaches daughter who's up in the stands at in shaping our fishy. So angry. I don't need that hade. Oh, yeah. I've been eight years old at that time you've been eight years old. We know eight year olds there's very few precocious children. Most of them are stupid. I was stupid when I was eight my sons will be stupid when they are. That's what Snoopy kids are they're stupid. So I know that going I don't need some precocious child carrying me through the movie untrendy. But that's not the the theme of the movie. See I doesn't matter desperately want. My my older son to watch the movie he has not seen it yet. He's he's telling me, he's not wasting his time that comes from me. I think it's I think the movie sends a very powerful message and not just about football. Yeah. I'm certain ways. Yeah. But he me. I think Denzel Washington's good, I don't need sunshine. I don't need them singing in the musical number in the locker room, and then every quarterback has long hair enough, sunshine. Okay. Great the blind the blindside. I think was written just to set Sandra Bullock with one liners, and I hate the movie it makes me feel even better than Michael oher hates the movie the actual Michael Moore. He yeah. I know he had a he had a little bit of an issue with it. It's all it's just all Pap one liners typical just things to get people to the whole family together on I just I hate that stuff. What about the longest yard the original one the original longest yard, pretty good. I it's not my top dumb. I top three probably not my top five. But it's still very good. You know, what movie? I hated the second. I got I got done playing high school football what the program. See I liked that movie. Let me ask you, Peter. When's the last time you've seen the program? Oh, it's been a while. Okay. Go get it and watch it again. Being a guy who now you've been in locker rooms you've you've seen it all you've seen the pros. You've seen the college. Yes, you've seen. What it is. Now, go watch a movie again because I I used to love the program the whole thing. And then it just reaches this point where I watched it in. This was I was still in high school my senior year, and I was done. And I knew I was a little older than you. When it came out the second different perspective on it. I'm telling you the moment, I stopped actually playing football go man, this movie, really sucks. The whole thing about the dad. It just didn't make any sense the girls dad and the boyfriend with the running backs and things of that nature James Caan Latimer pages face and put his head through car windows. The car window scene was actually pretty cool when he's going through the Royd rage. I've never see if that stuff happened in twenty eight teen could you imagine be big big stuff. It would be show cause penalty get the death penalty, east eastern state, whatever they are. They get the death penalty. Did they look like those uniforms? Looked a little like, Florida states. You a little they were basically Florida state, which I think I think the game scenes were filmed at Williams Brice at South Carolina, if I'm not mistaken, but you had this team that had guys on Royds guys on the booze. Cheaters guys getting paid off and MAC was getting paid before we got taken out by that guy from Iowa cheap shot at them. And so you have four big violations right there. The even Butch Davis would be appalled by that. Holy god. How about the waterboy goofy? But a good movie. No, it's funny. Water voice funny. But yeah, I I hate the I hate I hate remember the titans. I hate the blindside. I really really really hate the program. It's a lot of movies, though, that I actually like I let my my my son watch varsity blues just yet. Gotta get a little just a little maybe after the bar mitzvah next month. Maybe you there you go be a man by then. Yeah. The whipped cream scene. You know, I blow worried about that. It's hot. Thank you very much. The wonderful. Peter schwartz. Varsity blues varsity blues still holds up because there's a lot I know I pads and iphones and everybody's playing fortnight. Now. How do I put this without getting in trouble? There's a lot of places where varsity blues holds up in his realistic for high school football players still, and I think probably will condoning that's your call. But still eight five five two one two four CBS. We'll do that again top three four ship. You gotta come up with the top three top three football movies of all time that was pathetic coming up next, Kurt healing. And gonna join us lead NBA writer, managing editor NBC sports dot com. If Kevin Durant wants his respect back. He'll stay far away from LeBron James. I though it's the latest sports update with the always sensational. Peter schwartz. Sports flash. Can the American League championship series is all even? Trianon? Denver's touch third. He'll come around. Second on his way to third Mookie in with a run-scoring tunnel. Seventy four. Boston. Pets. Ballgame now is Tim never.

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