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His nice to be back with you always a pleasure to visit and let's go back a bit here because being a houston native here we are professional football texans and year sixteen what are some of your early memories enjoying football in this city in which you were born while i used to come to the oil you aims occasionally not as much as i as i do the games progressed bob mcnair is real good friend of mine so i i make as many of these his i can consistent with being a devoted hunter in the fall oh yeah but i remember lottery or oils games but of course this is a big year for baseball in houston and someone was asking me not long ago if i remembered the coal 45 size i not only remember the cold 45 as i remember the houston buffaloes over used in buffalo juror farm team of the st louis cardinals and we that was our first professional baseball team and houston mr mcnair brings professional football back to houston gets the franchise awarded to have a 1999 did you think that this was actually going to happen i mean it was a long shot whole it allows that valid la so how is that it rama her huge long shot yeah houston houston and metropolitan area oh bob mcnair a big data gratitude forgetting that done and i have to tell you that i i was one of those who had serious doubts about whether he could he could make it happen but he made it happen and have now now we not only have a first great of national football league franchise here we got a team that one of these days you've got a all away if.

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