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You know i know he has these grand vision this grand vision of his his character right. Like here's a couple of things. I enjoy okay. I enjoy that. He's he came back. He has his his right. Is that still all busted up. You know and has he has the white contact because the damage that he took in wwe. And i'm like that's pretty bold. And i can appreciate that kind of continuity if he's coming in here and he's like yeah. You know what i'm you know. My is still is still fucked up. I did that. I think that's pretty cool. But you know he did that that that movie in the asylum stuff. I added you guys that right if you didn't like he. He did a short movie that released before. Showing up On on dynamite. Okay this is something the no it's interesting let's put it that way. And then he He sort of looks over Yeah so he he. You know he talks. Sorta dropped some hints. That you know tommy end was possessed by a devil. That's why he was alastair black. And now it's another spirit that's possessing. Like this is a new incarnation of tommy. End like tommy end for him. You know his time. Possessed as alastair black won't have existed. And i'm like dude dude. He's just we're good. You don't have to go deep into this. I would like i. I you guys know. I'm a huge ouster. Black guy. I loved allaster. And the allister's best best tippy top years in wwe when he was an annex t and didn't speak a word not saying that she should never cut promos but my point is that he wasn't a metaphysical creature coming from the six gate of hell. Whatever was just ouster black. He looked like a he looked. Like a demon. Looked like a beast. But you know just just came across like coldest like a bad ass insane cultist and that's really all you need tom. Tommy tommy end. That's really all you need to do. You don't have to start developing lower. It might not go where you want to go at this point because there few people are you know feel are a little burned out on on the lower shit and didn't quite turn turn out well for matt hardy who decided to pull that out when he went over to dynamite day. Had to pull the plug on that because it just wasn't connecting. Hopefully he'll be reined in a little bit he'll be know let's keep it simple.

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