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Has been the trigger for almost a kind of national resurgence happened in the 19th century when japan was forced open by american gunships within a few decades of that it a gone for being a basically feudal medieval country to being an industrial power in the world and the other of course big sample is the defeat in naughty 45 at the end of the war the country was was literally ashes parts of it be bombed to smithereens yet by the midnineties sixty 1970s it was a rich country on its way to becoming economic superpower so we know we wonder this i remember talking to colleagues and say we'll may be this tragedy will in some ways galvanized japan and a half to say that six years on the hasn't happened japan is an affluence assertive i successful society in many ways but it hasn't found its way yet the hasn't been any of the resurgence and a return of confidence and an incentive mission the we thought might have been that walls richard lloyd perry talking about the ghosts of tsunami it's published by jonathan cape ann it's out on august 31st you're listening to monocle 24 you're listening to the daily with me andrew mullah now when donald trump appointed the as yet on sex jeff sessions attorney general he created a vacancy in session senate seat where he represented alabama today a republican primary in alabama will begin the process of replacing sessions there's little doubt about the establishment favorite luther strange appointed to temporarily occupy session seat by the governor endorsed by the president and backed by millions raised by mitch mcconnell but we'll all that be enough to see luther strange properly inducted into the pantheon of great american political names along with zach ramp dick sweat butch otter and of course alabama's own state treasury young boozer i'm joined now by daniel strauss from politico and daniel festival the primary itself how does it actually work.

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