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Welcome back to Jim Bohannon showed 18665 Jimbo 1866554626. We're talking about the Biden administration vaccine mandate. And we've been talking with the sewage thinks of Pennsylvania and Randy Larson of the John Topkin Center for Health Security had almost finished his look at the various treatments out there, Randy Well, No, I just heard Well, I got head in there for the commercial. But with Sue, you know, anytime there's any therapeutic for anything, There's always some sort of risk. Of course, the best way to avoid that is to get the vaccines and Then there's very limited possibility. You would have to go in and get one of those. But the monoclonal antibodies are pretty safe and effective. I'm not familiar with the one that she mentioned. It wasn't for general. All right, um, Mark in the Charleston, South Carolina. Good evening, Agent. Thanks. Taking my call. Uh, I gotta quit. I had the I got both of shots. There. Are you February marks both five there. And I got covid diagnosed today. Four people in my house. My eight year old friend, son, daughter, son in law. Um, So should I. After I get it all would have car which should I go Get that third shot. I guess I don't know if you haven't heard of that. Well, obviously your doctor will be a prime on the list of advisers, but go ahead, Randy. Yeah, I would, uh, suggest you talk to your position. If it were me. I've had to Moderna shots. That's why I got if I got infected, I pretty sure I would go get that third one and You know one thing I sent to you earlier today, Jimbo. Jeff Bridges, most of us familiar with the great actor. Uh, you know, he November, He got to diagnosed with lymphoma and he's now the good news is he is in remission from that. And then he and his wife got covid and I got to give you a quote. About why I think it's a good idea to get the vaccine. That's why Jeff Bridges said. Covid about made cancer fight look like a piece of cake. Close quote. Um, now I want to tell you, Jeff Bridges said after he and his wife recovered, They went back and and, uh, Captain vaccine. So, uh, he kind of wishes he got it beforehand. But now I would say, Mark, go talk to your position. And, uh, sorry to hear about everybody in the household. They're big. Um, why have you got the shot, so hopefully you haven't very mild case. Indeed, indeed, Good luck to you. Mark Michael in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Thank you, Jim. Good evening, Randy Larson. Randy, I have a question and a preliminary question. Um, you had a long military career, So I assume you are growing retirement pay based on the knowledge any That's correct. Okay, so we know 32 years on active duty. Yep. Right. So before I go to my question We know that you are innocence under the thumb of the Biden administration. Oh, wait. Uh, well, let me ask you, Randy Point Blank has has Has the government threatened to take away your pension? As if they could do that, unless you toe the line. I think the only way they can do it if I were convicted of a felony, right exactly So regarding saying what I want to say, nobody tells me what to say, and that includes Johns Hopkins University or the National Defense University that I worked for anybody else except my wife. She still has some games over what I say, but certainly not the military. So now that we've determined that Randy is not a paid stooge, Do you have a serious question, Michael? Yes, I do. Here's the question because we had the top man in the Pentagon on this show. Uh, Robert, Uh Spalding, uh, who was in charge of watching? Of viruses coming out of China. He was the top man he reported directly to the Kim. Another joint case of staff. We can't find him with a search warrant now, but here's my question. The first one that that individual I don't remember ever talking with anybody by that name, but anyway, yeah. Eventually we're going to get to your second question. Fact company real fast. Okay, okay. Uh, so talking about watching viruses coming out of China? Do you know that we have sufficient security to say that these variants Are not being, uh, gained its function engineered ad infinitum to keep us dependent on the pharmaceutical industry for back, Okay. All right. Is there any indication that India the variants are being engineered Randy Yeah, The mother nature is done. Unfortunately, a really great job with which is what mother nature does with every virus variants. That's why every year you have to get a new flu shot. That's what viruses Yeah, that's true. That's true. Now there's still a great question about where the whole thing began. And a good friend of mine is the finishing up a report for the Senate Intelligence Committee. Hopefully, by the end of September, that's taken a real hard look at where this whole thing began. Because I'm not convinced. We know the answer to that yet, but regarding Michael's question of the variant. Nope. That's Mother nature doing that. Yeah, And yes, And there are a lot of questions, of course, as to where this this came from? Absolutely. And, uh, very good questions, which have so far had no answers. Lisa in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Good evening. Good evening. Um my question is If you've heard of this, I work in a facility. Where we work with a lot of the elderly, one of the cooks there. Came down with Covid. Recovered, Got back sin ated and just came down and covered for the second time, along with influenza, A Yeah, I can't really respond to the influenza saying influence they that that's completely separate thing. Um However, you can't get it a second time Quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens has had it twice. Uh, the polka dots of infection. Now we do have something, Uh, Lisa called breakthrough, and so People who are fully vaccinated like Jimbo and I, uh, probably not Jimbo, now that he's had the third one, But for me who's just had to I could still get a mild case of Covid. We call it a breakthrough now in places where it's not really a serious outbreak. Right now. It's about one in 5000. Okay, that are getting that in places where it's really kind of mild outbreak right now, in certain parts of the U. S. It's only one in 10,000 who have been vaccinated that get this. The main thing is that it's a very mild case. If you get one of these breakthrough cases, in most cases, there's always a few exceptions, but All of what I am Glad to hear that President Biden is trying to push through is all health care workers should be vaccinated. I can't breathe, but people want to work in the healthcare industry or in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. They really need to be vaccinated to protect the people. They're caring for, whether they're picking their food or caring for the people. So I really hope and I'm shocked about how many health care workers today are not vaccinated. Um I actually find that kind of shocking..

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