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Excuse me. Oh, they've even remade it if you times, but it's still Madison Square Garden. They have that when you go to, even though it's been revamped and they've redone like the hallways at mashed Square Garden. So they have like pictures of conic events. The first wrestlemainia to have a big glass case Roddy piper is boots to have Hogan's trunks. They have the program of the first wrestlemainia that me that means something for a while they were doing every the first west of Maine and the rest of media ten. Yeah, was at the garden. The rest of me at twenty at the garden. I was I worked with Christian at that show and that's where the famous coronation of eighty Guerrero and Chris Ben, what the end, they both have the titles with the confetti falling from the ceiling that was at the garden. But then when thirty came around. So he warlanes be it's a stadium show. He can't do the garden and then twenty nine they had at MetLife stadium, but at least then they had the hall of fame at the garden. That's one degrees. Hall of fame ceremonies was at that one that was with Bob back only got inducted Bruno, got inducted, MC Foley inducted. Like I had such a great New York feel to it. And it's like, wow, I mean to see Bruno getting Dr. This is this is the house that Bruno built with Bruno Bruno, having like, you know, one hundred seventy five sellouts of the Gardner, whatever it may be like, you know, I guess times change, but that was something that like like he was the champion the WWE champion. So to sell out the garden, one hundred and seventy five times as a legendary stat. Legendary statistic that will never happen again, trying to make the fans pay for all of the renovation. You just spoke about renovations. They put that new walk. Cat walk across and Braun, the top of the the Rena put all those new seats in and all of the stuff is already expensive and now with all of the renovations, I'm I'm right here. Now, the guy that's the lead lawyer footer garden is a friend of mine. I said, how much did it cost for the renovations? He just said, nine hundred million home business. He said, I can't talk on the air. I get fired. Sorry. So sorry. The nameless guy, nameless guy, but nine hundred million dollars for renovations. That's recently in the last two years because I guess that's another thing that garden has to keep up with with all the corporate. You mentioned corporate. They have to keep up with that because if the book the center has all the corporate boxes, which is where you'll Rina's make a lot of money from than the garden. We'll have to keep up with that as well. But if it's, you know, it's right in the middle of Manhattan, basically the middle of Times Square. Basically, there's not a lot of room to to really build around there. No, it's hard. It's it's difficult and and again, it comes down to money. I can't fault the Vince McMahon and say, you know what? We're gonna use, Barclays. It just makes sense financially and and everything else. I can't fault business wise, but just as a fan, it's heartbreaking. No, his river Radnor. Yeah. When he ran the garden, do use to fly from Long Island to top of the garden in helicopter really every day to work while I mean like the garden is. Doing money and has resources like no other building in the world. So I mean, they want everybody to know that you know, it's the garden, but we're the ones that's paying for like when you go to the show, that's why call so much dislike. Now, I think that they being happy to have the Barclay's right here like you don't have the exorb- all those calls..

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