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Eric decker slot left with a screen for why Touchdown patriots This aggressive, defense Phenomenal timing on. This sweet baby James white sets. It up perfectly How many times I've. Read this wrong they scored pets It's a workout Gotta get, out, there eight. Four perfect wall I would think, the vendors CJ So of course that's bought Sochi Scott Zolak and also. Was Rodney adventures on the sideline I think the revelation revelation last night is Scott Zolak. Really good. On TV TV's elect I'm sorry On. The, sidelines he's. Got a future in that and you know what I don't think is great on radio but he did a good job on TV I I find him kind of medium. Yes it is and I think he's he's a lot more comfortable on that football field on the sidelines sort of where he's home when he's done radio, before he seems a little stiff, he was a lot looser. And the obviously he's much more knowledgeable about. Football than he is can't really pumped advocate about. The Red Sox and the Celtics the Bruins where he's been. Asked you sometimes co hosting on I think he's been on a few times so this is a good role program director's problem that's what. I have nothing to do with programming over, there but. I think Zolak because I'm. Not a big. Fan Zolak on radio when he does the games because. It's just like it's like crazy but I thought last night he was really really good he obviously knows the game he kept communicated I. Was really impressed, with him last night Scott Zolak I feel like while you're doing TV. You also maybe you feel like you don't have to just go over the top as. Much necessarily.

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