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On kgo 8 10. When we say that John Rothman show or any of Aghios talk shows or family friendly way mean it. My 14 year old Devon implored me to call in because he disagrees with me. I feel that the debate was want pretty clearly by pence because he effectively controlled the conversation. That was your son there with you. Yeah. Hi. Hi, Devon. I wanted to get the counter view. Your father thought Pence one. He told me you thought Harris one? Well, I think calmly Harris, one because she came out with a very, very strong Long opening statements, and she kind of attacked him on the offensive right away. So if you were old enough, and you could vote, would you vote for Biden? Absolutely. Okay, Jon. I just thought from a debate standpoint, he carried the day I expected her to destroy him. And I just didn't think she pulled it off talking politics in your house. Share it with you. Kgo family. Nikki, Mark, Pat Chip and John 80 88 10 Because if you're talking about it we're talking about on kgo 8 10. Into the chip Franklin show You have a voice. Use it kgo Aten. He's no man sitting in his no land. Is now. Happy Birthday. John Lennon ship Franklin with you here on KGO. President in some ways reminds me of the stories of Howard Hughes. You know now, though he wants desperately to go out on the road. However, he has contracted covert 19. And we still don't know you know his shape his condition. Conley is not to be believed. I don't think you know so way are in just a strange, strange world. Andi, You know he's stuck in this isolation and he's trying to project an image of mom read right from the Post article strengthened normalcy, but not so much. Watching us right now is to a little old over Nipah. He is a reporter and writer for The Washington Post. So this is this is a guy that definitely did not anticipate this going in the last three weeks of an election being stuck in the White House. Yeah, For the past week plus president has not been able to campaign. He has been stuck in the White House. Before that He was stuck in the hospital, and he's really been yanked off the campaign trail while Carbide has been standing like he never has before he's traveling almost every day. So you hear the president was very You're eager to get back out on the campaign trail. Even though there's some uncertainty about whether he's still infected, whether or not he still has covert 19. So it seems like it's moving full speed ahead, even though he may be a danger to the public. Now there's so much crazy stuff going on. I mean, forgot to mention this earlier about Nancy Pelosi's 25th Amendment party this morning. Obviously, that's that's just a draw Attention to how crazy is because you know they're not going to invoke the 24th. Cause of the 25th amendment because you need two thirds of both houses and half the Cabinet and the vice president. But do we know why? Pence came back yesterday? It was ever really, really adequate explanation as to why he stopped out, you know, stumping for Trump and came back. It's still a mystery of one of those strange things that happens in the administration where they don't give you much. Understanding of what is actually happening behind the scenes and made you God doing thing like they say, But you know with government ministries, you always have to expect that it's worse than what they're telling you so I don't know exactly why he came back. But we do know he is planning multiple campaign events over the coming weeks between now and election day, So we're not. We're not sure exactly what is going to be doing but He is back in D. C, but he's gonna be back out on the campaign. He's been going on Hannity and these other shows. It's interesting that I mean, they could have a camera there. I mean, it would not be that big a deal, you know, and he could do it with a camera, but he was on it and listen again to him have struggled to talk in this interview. It was It was a little disconcerting to hear that I didn't even want to use it. I mean, the last time I had a big problem, they oscillated my mikes when I had the one debate with three debates with Hillary and I think the first debate On Hannity jumps in Hannity was going to try to help him out there. You know, we don't know how healthy is. We know that he's he's not raising the kind of money they're pulling ads from places like Iowa and Pennsylvania. They're giving up. Andi. I think they're all in now on Florida, knowing if they lose Florida. I mean, there was a poll this week They had Biden up by 11 points. You know, even with a four point swing that's still a difficult lead to overcome. And that and of course, CNN announced today, even though Biden said it was he wasn't going anyway that the 22nd debate is off on DH. Excuse me, the 15th. We don't know if there's going to be a 22nd. What's going He's going to be a town hall. And will they be able to suppress his mike? And I mean, do we have anybody? I mean, we hear you know the occasional anonymous source Toller that says You know, the president is doing his version of Nixon wandering around, you know, and trying to figure out what he conduced op the bleeding. What can he do to stop the bleeding? Well, it's not clear that he can actually change the way a lot of advisors who are fighting and you know you should take this Corona virus diagnosis is that you've got a fine should become more humble than you should be worth and pathetic. Put forward a softer edge, and we haven't seen that always, really double down. We've seen him continue to put faith in. You know, it's lyrical cares that he said. They're coming right around the corner that going out seems to believe in and I think his personality is one of always being combative, but always being a fighter and always, you know. Taking the harder road and that seems to be what has led him to such low poll numbers because a lot of moderate borders did not want their blood pressure to go off every time they see the president, But he seems to be the kind of person who always wanted to, you know, spar for a fight, even when it's called for No healing the nation at a time of great distress nationwide, so I don't know that he has it in them to change their ways, and that would be what would be required to change his political fortunes. It's interesting. You know, the piece you guys put together here on the post really does paint kind of a Nixonian sort of the dude and they were really worried about Nixon near the end. I mean, they They had the generals and, you know. Ah, well, I mean, if you stop and think about the similarities, you know, there was a guy that you know again. That was one of we had a Republican party that would stand up. To deceit and two crimes against our nation. Unlike this particular Republican party, I think that the thing with Trump that most people in the Republican Party don't understand is why he won't listen. You know he had opportunities. T turn a covert into early on, you know to say, you know, I'm going to lead you through this where masks you know it's a sign of courage and protecting other people and and to take it instead. You know the conversation. You know what word? You know that I'd rather hide it. I'd rather play it down. And then when he got sick, instead of opening up and saying, you know that we're here, I'm going to be part of a trial. That's from death. Severe or this. You know, the The cocktail that they put together. He chose not to. He chose now He's doing this thing tomorrow from his balcony like he's you know, Mussolini or like I said earlier, Evita It's going to be weird day tomorrow, and it's going. Do you know what's on that starts by the way? A couple of different times. 11 am heard 10 PM that sort of mid mid afternoon time. What we can expect. They're leaving right after noon tomorrow. You're right. The president obviously could have taken a much different approach to this. No, arguably he has the skills that someone who was in marketing and show business, you know, market to the country. These various public house measures where a mask social distance he could have gotten, you know a large portion of the country to believe that that's what we needed to do. And then we may have been in such a tough situation with Tens of thousands of people being diagnosed everything. I just think he's not well in every way that you can not be. Well, you know, totally. Thanks for the time and I really appreciate good reporting. All right, talk to you soon. Yeah. You know, Washington post toe. Oh, Lorna people, you know when you stop and ask yourself this question about You know what Trump has to Dio. I think that ship is gone. I think it sailed. Um, I think his comments go back to Michigan for a second. His comments about the governor of Michigan and attacking her. This is a woman that was targeted by right wing militia. You know, Stand back stand by. Good people on both sides..

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