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She's even better here. There's some really nice supporting work from Leslie Mann and Brad Garrett in this. It's a film about family. It's a film about this very interesting relationship between this mother and daughter in this guy. This still growing up. It's sort of a coming of age story in a lot of ways. It's a beautiful little film. We're very, very excited. We got it to open the festival and that Cooper raif is coming in. So yeah, great, great debut film from him that was golden brick contender here on film spotting shithouse. Yes. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to say shit house. So I guess I can. You're allowed. You're allowed. Give us all the time. Go for it and we can't say what might happen to you. That's all right. One film we always are trying very hard to find some of the best documentaries we can. We have a great one called hold your fire, which I think eventually is going to end up on showtime playing Sunday, may 15th at 7 15. The filmmaker, a guy named Stefan Forbes, is going to be there in attendance. It basically is about the incident that birthed the modern day hostage negotiation practice. Brooklyn in 1973, I believe it's right in the sort of the shadow of Attica. And a lot of the people on both sides of this negotiation are still alive. So they have new interviews with most of the major players in this incident and it's fascinating. And it's a little scary to watch sometimes because this was in the, like I said in the wake of Attica where pretty much every negotiating tactic went wrong, if you saw the documentary Attica that was on showtime last year, it's a perfect companion piece to it. And it's a tense. It's like I didn't really know how this was going to end. I didn't know this story. So it is tense, it is like it is dramatic storytelling at its best in the documentary form. There's another documentary I'm really intrigued by because it's the Doc debut of filmmaker ramin bahrani. Second chance, yes, that's another one from Sundance. That's a terrific terrific film. I dare you to watch the trailer because the first thing that happens in the trailer is a guy in a bulletproof vest shoots himself in the chest. It's a guy named Richard Davis who invented what is essentially the modern day bulletproof vest. So it's about his career and obviously if it was just about a guy who made bulletproof vests, it wouldn't be much of a movie. This guy has a shady as hell story to tell. There's a very fascinating story about this guy who's basically living the American Dream and then sabotages himself as we find out he does has many times in his life. So yeah, but ramin barani, I wasn't, it took me a while to see the connection between this film and many of his other films about the American Dream from a certain angle or the American Dream gone very poorly for some people. It's a terrific movie called second chance. And that's playing Sunday, may 15th at noon. So it would be the first film that day. Claire Denis, another big name who I don't believe will be attending the fest. That would be something. But she has a film playing the fest. Yeah, when we saw it, it was called fire, but now it's called both sides of the blade and it stars her recent favorite actress Juliet bonos, as well as Vincent London, who was just into tan recently and just killed in that movie, and he's also very good here, but that's happening. Actually, that's going to be right after the ramin bahrani film. That'll be Sunday May 15th at 2 p.m.. So that's an excellent double feature. Yeah, that's the afternoon I have circled on my calendar largely for the Denis and I know I'm not in for a comfortable viewing, but I will definitely be challenged and am always open to what she has ready to throw my way. I can recommend one of the films I've seen that's playing the fest. It's one of those films playing on the last day. I think on Thursday, that's good luck to you, Leo grand. Which has really wonderful performance by Emma Thompson that let's just say I think a lot of people will be talking about definitely. And then honestly, it's a two person film. It's basically just the two of its Emma Thompson in this guy named Darrell McCormick. They are wonderful together and I've never seen him before, but he's a male prostitute that she hires. She's a widow. And retired school teacher and she is just trying to figure out what good sex even could be, whether let alone a she can actually experience or not. I honestly think the reaction to this film is going to really depend on what you bring to it. I think it's gonna really just in your relationship to sex. So yeah, and you're right. It's a wonderful film. I can easily see Emma Thompson getting being talked about at the end of the year awards season. So yeah, it's that good and she's tremendous in it. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever seen her the way you see her here. No, that is for sure, unless there's something that I have, I have dramatically overlooked the Chicago critics film festival, runs may 13th through the 19th. It does take place at the music box theater here in Chicago, and you can get more info and tickets at Chicago critics, film festival, dot com. Thank you, Steve, as always,.

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