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So people were learning more so who the characters were what they were, but this was also American history. So if people in America, we're going to be learning any type of history. It would be American history over world history, you know? Yeah. And I think that that probably and I mean, it's it's been known for ages that like. To make it in the film industry. You have to make it in America because we are so populated, and this is just where the money is in this industry, you know. So it was so popular because America got it America understood this movie in this TV show. Got it. Interesting. Total sons. I think also like allowed history classes. You learn about Davy Crockett in some way, shape or form? Yeah. Like when I was in grade school, we learn about the bell. The Elmo, we'd learn about Davy Crockett, right? Like we heard about who he was. I don't remember watching any of the show than, but we might have. It was longtime ago, so like they're, you know, they're still teaching that now. So they were teaching people that back then to way more so than like the story of the sword, rose or rob ROY, the Scottish robinhood Nino name like people in America where learning that was moreover, exactly two people at the time. Right? We go on those fun facts. Yeah. Okay. So I usually look up fun facs. This is the first one that came up, but I didn't know who this was..

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