North America, Calvin Parker, Charles Hicks discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


But all across North America saw a spike in UFO reports I as we just heard from Calvin Parker there were a lot of other witnesses who saw bits and pieces of the same things that he and Charles Hicks and saw some sol lights some saw creatures are heard sounds few people sol ed similar kinds of activity of before some sought after some saw it as many miles away from Pascagoula something was clearly going on in that area during this time period and in the larger sense across the country in nineteen seventy three so what was it it's a UFO researchers would refer to it as a flap a UFO flap and it makes you wonder why they come in waves like this in a moment we open up the phone lines for my guests Paul Heineken Calvin Parker but before that I want to touch on one other form of evidence that's surfaced a in recent months the sense of Calvin's first book came out and that is physical evidence a reference to some medical procedures that were carried out while they were it during this abduction experience both on Hickson and Parker will be get into that in just a moment here on coast to coast AM. gosh waking up over and over to P. is not okay but now you can reduce those nighttime bathroom trips with the ingredients in super beta prostate P. three advanced we're.

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