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That's I still took it as a good sign potentially. Good sign because they announced the Jeff Gordon was going to be back. But they didn't say anything about w yet. But I don't know what his contract status joy for that. Matt, Mike joy for that matter. Yeah. Wonder I wonder what their contracts then I think Mike joy is kind of like he's got like ten year. Now, I think he I think he leaves when he will say the same air Waltrip. I know, but it's so sad. Put on there for like what eighteen years now. So all I can think is that your votes. Scotty you and the other fan council members votes, basically got the steel done for Jeff Gordon Nolan. Listen, these things happen did they could I glad I can contribute. Even ask you about Jeff Gordon in that. But here's the interesting side note to that. Earlier in the week or else late last can't remember when it was Rick. Hendrick was doing an interview. And I guess they're asking me about the future a Hendrick motorsports. I don't even know how it came up because you know, he's not a spring chicken anymore on how old he is. But he's probably pushing seventy year little if over and he said, hey when I retire. Jeff Gordon gets him. He he gets the staff of awesomeness like he's taken over. Why not that kind of for me kind of came out of the blue because I think obviously, Jeff Gordon would be fantastic choice. But I didn't know I know that tight you knew they were kinda type it and there was like that with them. Well, I mean, you give a guy lifetime contract. Like he did. I mean, I don't know how you can not be that tight with them. And I think he realized in his time because Jeff Gordon's does did pony up the money to help Jimmy Johns through through who he's still part owner with. That's true. That's true. So I think that that's a big deal to and he sees he sees that future. And he sees his drive, and I think that's a huge huge boost for Mr Hendrick. And and why wouldn't you want to give the give the reins over to that guy? Who's as dedicated as as success driven as Jeff Gordon is in every aspect because if I mean, I it's a matter really of. Yeah. When Jeff Gordon wants to take over if he wants to take over, and, you know, obviously signing a multi year deal, we don't know for how many years, but a multi year deal with FOX. It's not. Not going to be this year or next year. Even maybe even not even the year after that. So Mr. h is going to be around for a while? But it's interesting to know that Jeff Gordon is already now if you're Jimmy Johnson, are you pissed off. Wait a minute. Why is he get the run things? I wanna run thanksgiving John ever showed that he wanted to be owner. So I think that I think he's pissed off because the guys owned his team. And in fact, I seem to remember somebody asking him at one point like right around the time when break his last Gad his thing going Kevin Harvick had his thing going. And of course, Kabul who still has his thing going. I think I remember somebody at one point saying, hey, those guys will have teams you want to have a team. I believe his answer was unequivocal. No, not in a million years. I don't wanna have my own team type. And I don't see why you would wanna t. No, I would want to deal with today's L. No god. No, especially nowadays. So, but of course, the the best Jeff Gordon news of the week. The Instagram with Justin Timberlake, man. Listen, man. JT was in Baltimore. My friend was front row and she'd loved it did did I have no doubt the puts on a phenomenal show..

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