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Hi I'm Vanessa. Richardson and I'm Corduroy. Welcome to famous. Fates podcast original exclusive the spotify each week we'll release five. Fresh episodes centered around a common theme such as Hollywood icons influential women or music legends in each episode. We'll take a close look at the remarkable life of different person with the help of voice. Actors will dramatize their incredible lives. reimagining judging their greatest and weakest moments then will examine their controversial deaths. Some deaths came too soon. Some remained shrouded in mystery tree and some changed the world forever today. We're covering gunslinger wild bill hickok. He was a law force gambler and performer. Summer when you picture an old West Cowboy Wild Bill Hickok is likely what comes to mind and true to that image. He died after being shot. OPT in a saloon. You can find episodes of famous fates and all other podcast originals for free on spotify to stream famous fates for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type famous fates in the search bar famous fates is a spotify exclusive so you can only find it on spotify that par cast. We're grateful eight full for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out. On facebook and Instagram at par cast in twitter at podcast asked headwork now back to the life of Wild Bill Hickok eighteen thirty seven. The American experiment was still in its youth and exploration of the Western frontier had begun in the small town of homer Illinois. James Butler Hickok is born. The young James would grow up to be one of the West most deadly shooters. Much of that skill was learned in his youth through trial by fire. James's James's father. William Hickok was a noted abolitionist and actually used the Hickok home as a station for the underground railroad. The hickox were always at risk of getting caught harboring runaway slaves. James Childhood was filled with previews of the constant dangers. The new frontier would present him. shoop what is it pops officers offices. This is wanting to investigate our cargo. Most Likely James. Grab that gun beside you. But I don't matter what you know. Don't know son now take the gun on and listen for me to tell you what to do you their car. We want to have a look see inside James Far that gun now at them wherever you like just scare the horses so we have an excuse when we make our escape gotta get back here. Nice job son. No that you probably saved some good lives today. These constant brushes with danger inspired the young James to find a means of protecting himself so he picked up his dad's gun and took target practice. He'd shoot cans posts and the wild critters that roamed his farm arm. Andy quickly discovered that he was a very good shot so good in fact he became the families de facto hunter. Even as young as ten he would begin to bring in major game from around the woods who would also show off his skills and shooting competitions his marksmanship became legendary amongst the local townsfolk. It was around this age that he began to hear the stories stories of the Kings of the wild frontier. That came before him. And the stories of Daniel Boone Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie were the subjects of dime store novels. That were popular among James in his friends. James saw a lot of similarities between these legends and his own life. Protecting the innocent helping those in need and presenting themselves as the coolest list people on the planet and the superheroes of the eighteen hundreds and James Dreamed of joining their ranks as legends at the American frontier and he began to plan his Western turn adventures much to the Chagrin of his parents who wished for their son to stay in the safety of their farm instead of into the immoral and dangerous world of the new West and and considering the danger that surrounded their life at home that's really saying something on the protests of James's parents fell on deaf ears James Model himself on these American Heroes Gross. Hey this is my river now you guys get the hell out your river. It's Mr Carson River that don't matter to me I say it's my river and nothing the thing you scrawny limbs can do to stop it. Hey who you calling scrawny wimps. I'll use US scrawny whims. And if you don't get out I'm GonNa the Dan River so much you can have it. Come on guys. Let's go tell Mr car. We found a farmer in his river. the innocence of childhood. But childhood would soon disappear for Young James when he was fourteen. His father was murdered for his abolitionist. Beliefs which left much of the responsibilities of the Family Farm James James did what he could for the family but he grew bored and longed for the days of adventure and danger. He had with his father finally family. At Age. Seventeen James decided to leave the farm and seek out his own life he got by initially as a stagecoach driver. Making delivery runs between Illinois and Michigan. Again it paid the bills for awhile. PITCOCK was a rising star in the stagecoach business and one of the boys who worked with a man named Charles Hudson thought James was encroaching on the promotion. Charles thought that he deserved. Haycock wasn't a fan of Charles either. He Felt Charles mistreated the mules and was much too aggressive on his way up. Finally during a stagecoach run together the two of them came to blows in the ensuing fistfight. The tumbled into the local canal in the darkness canal. Both James and Charles failed to find their opponent and each believed they had killed the other in the panic of thinking he'd be wanted for murder. James made a split decision decision to flee Illinois and had to his destiny the wild west wait did the two of them just leave the mules up there by themselves. I guess that's a good question question. Actually in all the time the story has been told. I don't think anyone has mentioned what happened to the mules help. Those meals turned out. Okay as good as a stage coach meal could. I'm sure sure well. In any case James decided to take up a new identity as he headed west after all he believed that everyone would be looking for a James Hickok make sense new life life new identity. Plus chances at murder charges he arrived in the Kansas territory and began to introduce himself under his father's name. William Hickok bill for short. He changed his name to unnecessarily cover his tracks but kept the last name to be. Fair is an awesome last name fair point once in Kansas. The newly minted bill was a busy man. He joined up with an anti slavery group known as the Kansas Free staters. It was here that bill acquired his first nickname from those who who disliked his large ego. He was called duck bill due to the large lips. He possessed a far cry from wild bill. He also had a nickname from those in his group that found him fierce and fearless Shanghai Bill much better nickname. But it's still no wild bill in the Kansas free staters. Bill Befriended Buffalo. Flo Bill Cody. Who was only twelve at the time? And the group's leader General Jim Lane it is said that General Lane was preparing for a war with pro slavery group. The Missouri rebe Border Ruffians. And Lane was so impressed by bill that not only did he hope to have bill as a high ranking member of his army but lane also made bill his personal bodyguard being chosen. There's a personal bodyguard is quite the badge of honor indeed but being a high ranking member of an unofficial army doesn't equal large income. Bill's main source of income came from. I'm the Pony Express in between his time fighting for freedom. Bill traveled all around Missouri Kansas and Nebraska Delivering Mail and freight all around the known west. I all in all it was a pretty good Gig bill until the fateful day he found a bear blocking his path Jal Dan bear shoot..

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