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Didn't even have the articulation for it until I happened to cross paths with a narcissist. Oh come on who I believe. I'm not even say okay right. Let's not do look the labels but my point is this is. I'm new to this. I don't have all the language but I know there's something and I feel very strongly that even even though I may not have a memory of the parental education. There's something about it that keeps me in a state of serving being like where I feel like Cinderella. And that's my role and I can't get out of it. And my sister is very much like my mom. Where they're expecting me to be the handmaiden indefinitely? Handmaiden of there is so poor so you have enough emotional evidence dance. And that's how I play psychological detective. If you feel that there's something insidious in something that's a below the radar of consciousness and you keep eating out and and and Repeating these patterns I call it the WTO which is that repeat from the past so it's worthy To look at and I know we're we're just about out of time so please keep in touch with me and Yes do introduced me to this person that you had in mind okay imprint about you to her today so we'll be making a connection. Okay thank you so much. You're welcome. You're very welcome. My pleasure nice to hear from you again and so for thank you. Thank you so for all of you. Listening listening I hope that you're getting the The the the knowledge that this is a system gone wrong. You can blame yourself herself. You could blame. You can shame you can do all kinds of things with it and The best and highest way to look at it is it's just to To uncover the unconscious forces that rule you and then break those On conscious forces by making them conscious and then really concentrating concentrate on T. R. on completing the psychological poison. That's been hurting you. So that you can reboot your system and have a better part two you of your life and with that sad. I'm going to shrink that tune. tune by cold cold. Play and Here it is and and this speaks to the parental child. This is my interpretation when you try your best but you don't succeed when you get what you want but not what you need so you get what you want. Meaning you're trying to please.

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